Samsung will launch high-end models inscribed

November 18 message, the current mobile phone market, in addition to Android, iOS and WP, and a phone system Tizen, but the platform there are few star models launched, users of the poorly understood. Recently, there is news that Samsung Tizen platform in force, and is developing a high-end models, it is very curious.

It is reported that a mixture Tizen system but Samsung BADA system and Intel MeeGo system, who's launched Samsung Samsung Samsung Z1 and Z3, but the configuration is bleak, and did not cause much interest the user. However, Samsung's determination to support Tizen system is not small, the Samsung Tizen platform allows developers to bring applications to retain all revenues before the end of next year, which greatly contributed to the development of ecological Tizen.

Foreign media said, according to Samsung's naming convention, Samsung Tizen this high-end model might be named as Samsung or Samsung Z5 Z8. Of course, does not rule out the introduction of a new series of Samsung possibility. In addition to mobile phones, Samsung is still likely to be the introduction of running Tizen system wearable device, then let us wait and see!