How to Delete Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Permanently

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Samsung Galaxy S6 News:

Samsung Galaxy S6: The update to Android 5.1 will introduce the guest mode

If the Galaxy S6 is installed automatically as Lollipop , Samsung has curiously decided not to include one of its basic features: guest mode. An oversight that will be corrected with the next software update phone passing it under Android 5.1.

Introduced from Android 4.2 on tablets only, the guest mode is now available on all smartphones installed Android Lollipop. All? No, Samsung has apparently "forgot" to include the feature in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge but also in its recently updated to Lollipop devices.The Galaxy Note Edge of writing under Lollipop, does not provide, for example.

The always well informed SamMobile managed to get their hands on an early version of Touchwiz, Samsung's interface, Android 5.1, the latest version of Lollipop. And supporting photographs indicates that the guest mode will do well in his comeback this new version, at least the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge . Logically, the feature should appear on the other brand phones that will receive the update to Android 5.1.

SamMobile indicates that operation of the guest mode on the Galaxy S6 Android 5.1 is identical in all respects to that of Android Stock . To add a guest, simply unroll the notification bar, click on his profile, top right, and then add an additional user. The latter then benefit from a completely blank session and will be unable to search the data of another user or to see its notifications.


How to Delete/Erase Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge permanently

If you planning to give your mobile phone to your friend, trade it on eBay, or donate it to a charitable institution? Before you give up the phone,please wipe all contacts and other data permanently,even none of data recovery can restore them back,as we all know it is handy to wipe all data on the phone completely,specifically contacts and text messages. During the daily use of the Android Samsung phone, you may save lots of contacts and other personal information off of the mobile phone. Most people probably think that performing a factory reset on the device is enough. However, they are wrong. All the orginal data on a factory resetting phone can be easily recovered by third-party data recovery software in market. Today,I write this article to our friends how to erase all contacts on Android phones permanently and completely.

You need to delete all data from your ios devices or android before resell, Mobile Transfer else to protect your personal data by erasing all of them from your old iPhone, tablet, iPod touch or an android Samsung galaxy phone, safely and permanently.

Erase existing data: Wipe off everything on your iDevice or Android Samsung galaxy phone with 1 click.
Erase deleted data: Deeply scan your iDevice or Android Samsung galaxy phone and erase all deleted data in the phone memory.

I recommend you using this Android Data Eraser(Mobile Transfer) software,which can help you delete all contacts on Android Samsung galaxy permanently only with once click.It also allows you erase all private and important data from any Android devices like Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Google, ZTE, etc. Differ from the erasing job performed by pressing "Delete" key or restoring the device to factory settings, once you wipe data on Android,you can get them back even with professional data recovery. In additional,you can erase other android data directly,like text messages, photos, account information, passwords and so on.The erasing done by this software is permanent and no any recovery program can detect and recover the wiped data.


Step 1: Backup your Contacts from Android Samsung galaxy S6 to Computer

Before you begin the next step, you should transfer contacts from Samsung galaxy s6/s6 edge phone to computer first,all android data will be wiped permanently and it won't be restored,please make backup first.Here,I recommend you this Mobile Transfer program or Samsung Contacts to Computer Transfer to backup contacts and other android data to computer directly.

Step 2. Run the software and connect your Samsung device

First of all, connect your Android Samsung galaxy phone or tablet to the computer with a USB cable and launch the installed Android data eraser(Mobile Transfer) software. Once the connection is successful, the software will automatically detect your device and show it on the program interface. Choose whether you want to erase all data or just the deleted files.

Step 3. Choose levers of data erasing as needed

The program provides you with three different levers for erasing data: Low - Medium - High. You can directly choose the default second Medium lever, which will leave no traceability of data erasure and use random data to overwrite all existing and deleted data on your Samsung device.

Step 4. Start to wipe all Contacts on Android Samsung galaxy s2/s3/s4/s5/s6

Finally, give a click on the button of "Start" to delete what you want from your Android Samsung phone or tablet at once. All erasing task only costs you a few seconds. After that, you will get a totally new Android device as you wish.



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Samsung Q1 revenue of 47.12 trillion won a decline of 11%

Samsung Electronics yesterday announced 2015 first quarter earnings. Reported first quarter revenue of 47.12 trillion won, Samsung, net profit of 5.98 trillion won; mobile sector revenue of 25.89 trillion won and net profit of 2.74 trillion won. Despite Samsung's first quarter revenue decreased by 11% compared with the fourth quarter of last year, but still achieved a net profit chain growth. Samsung's chip division and the mobile sector revenue declined slightly, but consumer electronics division revenue fell significantly, reaching 28%.

Samsung's Consumer Electronics Division revenue so bleak, mainly because of the sales season, as well as a strong dollar makes European and emerging market consumer demand. But also by exchange rate effects, the division in the second quarter revenue is not expected to be a big improvement.
Samsung's mobile division, due to its low marketing expenses, which increased revenue department. However, the tablet and feature phone shipments were down, but also caused a slight decline in income. At the same time, by boosting low-end phones, smart phone shipments increased. Expected in the second quarter, demand for smart phones and tablet market will hover at current levels.
The semiconductor sector development is good, not affected seasonal. Allegedly, the increase in DRAM and SSD / UFS product revenue. Thanks to the recent release of the Samsung SSD data center S6 and strong demand is expected in the second quarter earnings will be better semiconductor sector.
Department, said display panel, OLED shipments increased, despite a decrease in shipments of LCD products, but performance is fairly stable. Looking to the second quarter, with the arrival of the Chinese Labor Day, the department will focus on the growth in shipments of OLED and LCD TV panel growth and income; and opening new production lines, it will also increase the cost of the sector.


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Samsung S6 also variant version Note 5 models with exposure

According to foreign website SamMobile reported recently that Samsung's two new aircraft in the coming IMEI database, their models were SM-G928S and SM-N920F.

According to these two phone model, the model for the SM-G928S models should be variations on Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S6, rather than new equipment, while foreign media are expected for the aircraft may be South Korea, the United States and Europe Offering some areas.

And in accordance with the model Samsung Note 4 for SM-N910X, guess model for this new machine SM-N920F possible successor to the former version of the Samsung Note 5. Configuration, earlier rumors that Samsung Note 5 will use 4K-level double-curved display.
In addition, the alleged S6 variant version of Samsung and Samsung Note 5 in the company's internal project name "Zen" and "Noble". However, it is not clear Published two new machines, the rumors Samsung Note 5 to at least wait until after the September debut.


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How to Transfer Pictures from Galaxy S6 to Computer

Part 1: Samsung News
Part 2: Transfer Pictures from Galaxy S6 to Computer
Part 3: More related articles


Samsung News

By 2015, Samsung's two flagship S6 and S6 edge hot, but also to Samsung's own Exynos 7420 processor known for more people. Its strong performance is impressive, however, foreign media reported that the next generation of Samsung's upcoming flagship S7 is equipped with a processor (code-named Mongoose) has been developed.

Currently, Samsung S6 and S6 edge of the Exynos 7420 processor is still using a standard Cortex A53 / A57 architecture equipped. Allegedly, the new processor is about to adopt a new architecture, the performance of single-core Exynos 7420 compared to a 45 percent increase. Based on currently available information, the mongoose ARMv8 instruction set processor will be used and has a clock speed of up to 2.3GHz. Of course, a performance improvement factor more than that, the processor and the Exynos 7420 is likely to use the same 14nm FinFET process.

We know that Qualcomm 810 processor performance really powerful, but has been criticized severe fever. Thus, Samsung's R & D on the new processor, but also pay attention to the balance of performance and power consumption. Another source said, the first processor Exynos M1 Mongoose will use heterogeneous system architecture, which is a mobile end an exciting scientific and technological progress.
As the processor put into use time, foreign media said the chip will be the first mongoose 9-12 months after mass production, and Samsung next generation flagship S7 would likely be the first mobile phone equipped with the new processor.


Transfer Pictures from Galaxy S6 to Computer

You will spend lots of sleepless night in the question of how to transfer your Samsung galaxy photos(pictures) to your computer conveniently. You may get mad because of the tedious things to import Galaxy S6 pictures to your computer one by one. It will be a waste of time if there're over 1,000 pictures. Of course, there are lots of transfer tool for you to choose. Then you can also move all your Samsung galaxy photos to computer, transfer pictures from galaxy S6/S6 edge/S5/S4/S3/S2/note to computer. However, some of them can only help you transfer few kinds of Android contents. In this case, you may search around for a more almighty transfer. Today, I will highly recommend a remarkable transfer tool- Android Data Transfer. Its outstanding features can be listed as follow.

Now, this article can solve your problem. With Samsung Data Manage program, you can transfer pictures between Android Samsung devices and computer easily. Not only cope photos into your Android phone/tablet and move them back to your PC, this program also enables you deleted all picture on your phone in batch.

Tips: What's more, this program is perfectly compatible with any brand of Android device, including Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Motolora, Google, ZTE, HuaWei, etc. Please keep reading the below tutorial to learn how to transfer your Android photos.


How to Transfer Pictures from Galaxy S6 to Computer

Step 1. Launch the program and connect Android Samsung phone to computer

After downloading and installing Samsung Data Transfer program on your computer, launch it. Connect Android Samsung phone to computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi. Once your Android phone or tablet is recognized successfully by this Android Data Transfer, all the transferable data like Apps, Music, Videos, Photos, Contacts, SMS and so on. on your Android device will be listed in left sidebar of window as below.


Step2. Start Transferring Samsung galaxy Photos to Computer

In the left bar of the interface, you can see your Samsung data divided into several catalogues like Apps, Music, Videos, Photos, Contacts, SMS and so on. To see the detail information of your photos, you can click the drop-down menu next to the Photo category. Then, you can preview the photos not only stored in Camera, but also Screenshots list. Choose the pictures that you want to move into your computer, then, click "Export" to start transferring. A pop-up window will show you how far the process goes.

That's it! You can transfer most photos from your Android Samsung galaxy s6 to the computer with the easiest steps. This is one of the wonderful features of Android Manager. To explore more, you can download Android Manager and try it by yourself. Samsung Photos, as well as contacts, text messages, call logs, videos, music and apps are transferrable if you try this awesome software.


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How to Copy or Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S6

Many people have bought a new Android Samsung Galaxy S6 smaty phones,they want to transfer all phone numbers from old iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6 phone directly. If you use iPhone device before and buy a new Galaxy S6,the fist thin you may need to do is transferring contacts from iPhone to Android Samsung phone. For example, you may wonder if there’s any simple way to transfer your old phone data into the new one before donating it. Of course, there is an outstanding data transferring tool for Android users. Today we teach you how to copy contacts between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S6 with the help of Phone to Phone Transfer.

The Android and iOS systems work differently from one another, even though they hold some similarities. Swapping files in between both can potentially cause file and/or format-related incompatibilities, in addition to other potential issues. Most users who transfer from an iPhone to an Android phone may find the entire process confusing at first. To start, transfer data from iPhone to Samsung doesn't merely involve switching from one phone to another - it's more like switching from one operating system to another.

Learning how to copy iPhone contacts to Samsung Galaxy phone naturally sounds complicated and prone to those aforementioned incompatibility issues. Information from Contacts, Messages and Mail have to get converted into 'readable' data for Android phones to process. This is, undoubtedly, the main part that confuses a lot of people. The entire transfer iPhone Contacts to Android process isn't that confusing once you learn how to do it. Here, we're going to take a look at how a special program – iPhone to Android Data Transfer – can help people keep all of their important contacts updated between phones.


How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Samsung Galaxy S6?

Step 1 Install and Launch Phone Transfer
After launching Phone Transfer, you can see the main interface of Phone Transfer as below.

Step 2 Connect Your Phone to the Computer via USB Cable
Connect your smartphone to the computer with the help of the USB cable. Within few seconds, the program will detect out your computer. You will get a window as below.

Step 3 Transfer Contacts between Phones
Select “Contacts” and click “Start Copy” to make the all contacts from phone to phone even in different operating system. Make sure that your phones are well connected to the computer all the time so that the process can end up successfully.

Tips: Apart from transferring phone contacts, Phone Transfer also empowers you to transfer all the data such as SMS, music, videos, images and apps from an existing phone at ease without worrying data loss.


The phone transfer software can help you transfer data between devices which even supports the different OS, like Samsung supports Android, iPhone supports iOS, Nokia supports Symbian.

What's more about Phone Transfer:

Phone to Phone Transfer is an outstanding tool with which users can move data from one device to another. Data transfers can also be done within a few steps even between different operating systems—Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian OS. As for supported data, contacts, messages, pictures, call logs, music, videos and apps are all included.

-Transfer between devices: iPhone to iPhone, Android to Android, Symbian to Symbian, iPhone to Android, iPhone to Symbian, Android to Symbian, etc.

-Transferable Data: Photos, music, videos, SMS, contacts, call logs, calendar, as well as apps.

Note: Detail information like email address, job title, company, and so on, can also be transferred if you transfer phone contacts.

-Seamlessly Transfer: You don’t need to worry about losing any phone data because Phone Transfer is so perfect a smart phone transferring tool that everything you copy to another device will be 100% same as the original.

-Supporting System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 & 64 bits)

How to Transfer COC from Android to iOS

Part 1: Something about Clash of Clans 
Part 2: How to Transfer COC from Android to iOS
Part 3: More related articles


Something about Clash of Clans

" Clash of Clans " (tribal war) is a Finnish game company Supercell has launched a policy class mobile games, on August 2, 2012 release in the App Store.

The strategy war game with the theme, by running his own village, players can gradually powerful forces, and then thousands of players to fight. [1] The village after reaching a certain level, but also with other villages to form tribes, fighting between tribes.

The contents of both attack, defenders and develop elements, players in the "base camp" only "construction worker house" and all of a grade 1 at the outset, "gold mine", "barracks" as well as 750 points "holy water" and "gold", the first time into the game will enter boot mode allows players to understand the construction, upgrade, speed and unlocking the way this game. As the game progresses, the focus will move to the latter part of the single-player multiplayer mode. September 30, 2013 Android version of the game pioneered in Finland and Canada, October 7, 2013 Supercell Google Play market in other countries in the world to launch the game.


How to Transfer COC from Android to iOS

If you are the Android phone user, but if you have bought an new iPhone 5S/6/6 Plus, and you found that all your Clash of Clans game app data can't be transfer to the iPhone operating system-iOS, want to move COC app data from android to iOS? Or do you want to transfer COC from iOS to android? Do you want to transfer COC from iPhone to Android? Do you want to transfer COC from android to iOS? Do you want to transfer COC account from android to iPad/iPod? Do you want to transfer COC account from android to iPhone? 

If you want to do this, next we will share you the easily way to transfer all your COC data from android to iOS.

Phone to Phone Transfer can help you to transfer COC data from android to iPhone, including the COC account, COC app and more. In addition, transfer COC from iPhone to android, transfer COC account from android to iPhone, moving COC from android to iPad, moving COC from iPad to android, or transfer COC from android to iOS, transfer COC from iOS to android, all these can be done with the Phone to Phone Transfer software tool. More and more, you can transfer all the data including mobile phone contacts, text messages, notes, videos, photos, pictures from android to iOS.


How to Transfer COC from Android to iOS

Step 1. Launch the Transfer Tool on PC

Download and install it on your PC. You will get the window bellow. Please select the Phone to Phone Transfer mode.

Step 2. Connect Android and iOS to PC

Now please connect both of your Android and iOS device to the PC using their USB cables respectively. The software then will recognize these two devices with one as the "Source Phone" on the left, and the other, the "Destination Phone" on the right.

Note: Please make sure that your Android is the "Source Phone", or you will have to click "Flip" button to switch their places.

Step 3. Select and Transfer COC App
You can see the middle column displaying the data you can export, including apps music, videos, text messages, contacts, videos and photos from Android phone or tablet to iPhone iOS device all at once.

After selecting the content to transfer (here we just transfer apps), please click "Start Copy" to export the data. When the contact transferring has finished, you can see an "OK" button. Click it. Done!


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