Transferring info contacts from Galaxy S4/S3 to S6/Note/Plus

Part 1: Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus
Part 2: Transfering info from Galaxy S4/S3 to S6/Note/Plus
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus

Samsung S6 Plus and then exposed to a 3000mAh battery upgrade

some time ago there was news that on September Berlin IFA, Samsung will soon launch a new machine Samsung S6 Plus. GSMArena latest foreign media reports indicate that Samsung S6 Plus will be equipped with 3000mAh high capacity battery, compared to Samsung S6 (2600mAh) increase significantly.

Allegedly, the machine code Zero 2, Model SM-928, uses 5.5 inches Super AMOLED Screen, equipped Xiaolong 808 six-core processor, built-in 32GB storage space, rear 16 million pixel camera, equipped with a 3000mAh battery.
Samsung S6 Plus menacing, bound to or the same in September and released the next generation iPhone quitting. So, the question is, who is in the cannon fodder?


Transfering info from Galaxy S4/S3 to S6/Note/Plus

We cannot deny the fact that nowadays smart phones are getting more and more intelligent. It almost become the extended part of our brain to help us to record data and arrange our daily life. Even only used a smart phone for a short time, there might be a large amount of important data that must be transferred to the next smart phone you are going to use. No doubt that Samsung Galaxy S4/S3 is an outstanding smart phone for the pasted several years, now the Samsung Galaxy S6 is coming and ready to present even better performance than Galaxy S4/S3. I bet you must already get a purchase plan of this phone as your new assistant in your life as well as your work.

However, you may be worried about if there are some problems when trying to transfer info between the old Android operating system to the new Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Note/S6 Plus. After all since you want to replace your old Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, the most important thing is to export all old but important data from the old Android device, and then put them to the new Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Note/S6 Plus.

How to transfer info from Samsung S3/S4 to Samsung S6/S6 Note/S6 Plus?

If you just need everything easy, you can turn to Mobile Transfer and let it help you accomplished all the data transfer work. This powerful tool can help you transfer all your info including the music, contacts, video, pictures, call log, calendar, SMS and so on from the old Android phone to your new Samsung Galaxy  S6/S6 Note/S6 Plus efficiently. All you need to do is just some clicks.


Transferring info from Galaxy S3/S4 to Samsung S6/S6 Note/S6 Plus:

Step 1 : Run Mobile Transfer

After you are installed Mobile Transfer on your computer, just launch it. The primary window of it will show on your screen. The interface is colorful but clear. Then just click the “Start” button to go to the Phone to Phone transfer window.

Step 3 : Connect both your old Samsung phone & new Galaxy S6/Note/Plus to the computer

Connect your old Samsung S3/S4 and the new Galaxy S6 Note/Plus to the computer. They will be detected and shown in the primary window automatically.

Step 4 : Transfer music, video, contacts and so on from Samsung phone to Galaxy S6/Note/Plus

In the middle there are some checkboxes, just tick what you want, and then click the “Start Copy” button, and the program will start transferring the data you selected to your Samsung Galaxy S6/Note/Plus.



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Best way to Transfer Data Contacts from iPhone 4/4S to Samsung S6/Edge

Part 1: Samsung Galaxy News
Part 2: Best way to Transfer Data Contacts from iPhone 4/4S to Samsung S6/Edge
Part 3: More related articles 


Samsung Galaxy News

Samsung S5 Neo opened in the Czech

June 27, according to foreign media reports Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo has been opened in the Czech Republic some retailers pre-order, priced at $ 490, equivalent to 2980 yuan, will begin shipping on July 3.

Samsung S5 Neo (SM-G903F) using 5.1 inches 1080p Super AMOLED screen, built-in 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM memory combination, rear 16 million pixel camera, equipped with 2800 mA battery, running Android 5.1 system.

It is worth noting that the aircraft will be equipped with the new eight-core Exynos 7580 processor, which has eight Cortex-A53 core, clocked at 1.6GHz, and built-Mali-T720 GPU. However, allegedly equipped than the Samsung S5 Exyons 5422 eight-core processor and Xiaolong 801 processor, performance weakened.


Best way to Transfer iPhone 4/4S data contacts to s6 edge

You may think it is difficult to transfer data contacts from iPhone 4/4S to Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge phone,because iPhone and Android phone are running with different operating systems. But there are a great number of users wish to make a switch between the two kinds of phones since iOS and Android are two of the most popular OSes in the world. How to keep all the files stored on the old phone to the new phone after changing from an iPhone 4/4S to S6/edge? You can look no further than this article, which is going to show you how to transfer data contacts from iPhone 4/4s to Samsung s6/s6 edge with 1 click.

The simplest solution to perform the data transfer from iPhone to android samsung, or from Android to iPhone is to ask help from some third-party tools. Here comes the most well-reviewed iPhone to Samsung transfer tool named - Mobile Phone Transfer, which has the powerful ability to easily and quickly transfer all contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, call history, apps and more from iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S/5C, iPhone 4S to Android Samsung galaxy s6/s6 edge.(How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6)

Still have doubt about this transferring program? It doesn't matter! You can download the free trial version before purchasing it and read the step by step guide in the next paragraph to have more understanding.


Transfer Data Contacts from iPhone 4/4s to Samsung S6/S6 edge in 3 Steps:

Step 1. Launch the Mobile Phone Transfer program

First of all, install and run the program on your computer, then, the main window of the program will show on the screen. What you need is to choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode to continue.

Step 2. Link your iPhone and Samsung to the transfer program

Next, you should use two USB cables to connect both the iPhone and Samsung phones to the one-click phone transferring software at the same time. They will be detected by the software and appear at the places of "Source" and "Destination". If you need to change their places, you can click the "Flip" button.

Step 3. Start to transfer files from iPhone to Samsung phone

After above steps, you can choose the files you want to transfer by ticking the checkbox in front of the items, including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, songs, call logs, etc. Then, click the button of "Start Copy" to kick off the transfer process. When it over, you can disconnect the phones and check the transferred files on your Samsung phone.



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How to Restore Lost Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6?

“How can I recover contacts from my Samsung S5? Yesterday,I rooted my Galaxy S5 smart phone in order to get more privileges and free up more space to installation some third-part android app,but after rooting the Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phone,it cause lost all contacts on the phone,now I want to restore all lost contacts/phone numbers from my Samsung S5,is it possible to get lost contacts back from Samsung smartphone?”
(How to Get Back Deleted Contacts on Samsung)

When talking about Android phones, rooting or custom ROMs are the topics that can’t be avoid. Both rooting and custom ROMs make the device more functional and accessible. However, there are hidden risks if you don’t operate it in a proper manner. The consequence is that all of your data will be erased once failed. So what’s gonna to do to restore lost data from Samsung on Mac?

I have prior experience to handle such cases. Please don’t worry about this, there are ways to get back your data. My wife bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 and got her data deleted when she failed to root the device. All of her phone contacts were gone and it was the first priority to get them back. Luckily enough, I found out a solution that works perfectly in this situation.

This Android Data Recovery and Android Data Recovery for Mac,both are a full featured data restore program, aimed to help Android users to recover lost data due to accident or wrong operations. It’s capable of recovering phone contacts, text messages and media files previously deleted or formatted. I have tested it out successfully on my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S4. Below is a step by step tutorial on how to restore lost contacts back from Samsung with android data recvoery.
This android data recovery also can help you directly recover lost sms, photos, videos, whatsapp messages, document,ect from Samsung smart phone,as well as other android device,like HTC, Sony, Motorola,ect.


How to Recover Lost/Deleted Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6?

Step 1 Install and Run the android data recovery Program

Download and install Android Data Recovery on the computer. There is an easy-to-follow installation wizard to help you complete the task in minutes. After installation, the software will be launched automatically. The main screen is shown as follows:

Step 2 Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy S4

USB debugging is advanced feature provided by Android system. It allows third-party programs accessing the internal of a given device. To enable USB debugging on Galaxy S4, please follow the instructions as below:
1). Settings < More < About Device < Tap Build No. 7 times until a message that says “Developer mode has been enabled“.
2).    Tap the Back button < Developer options < USB Debugging

Step 3 Start to Scan and Analyze Samsung Galaxy S4

Click Start button to let the program scan Galaxy S4 to detect previously detected contacts and other items. The scanning process will take 15-30 minutes, depending on how many files stored on your device. Please make sure the battery is more than 30%, or the task will be failed due to lack of power.

Step 4 Preview and Selectively Recover Samsung Contacts

After scanning, all of the contacts should be listed under Contact category. Select Contact options on the left menu bar, the contacts marked as red color are the ones you previously deleted, and now they are capable of being recovered by the software. Select the ones you want to recover, it takes less than 5 minutes to get back the deleted contacts.

This Android Contacts Recovery is really a genius one that saves me from disaster. All of my lost contacts are 100% retrieved, no single lost! Moreover, contacts recovery is just one portion of the program, other items are also enable to be recovered, including SMS, WhatsApp messages, music, video, photos and documents. With this powerful utility, all of your data are kept in safe! No more worries from now!


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Moving Whatsapp Messages from Samsung to Galaxy S6 Note

Part 1: Samsung Galaxy S6 Note
Part 2: Moving Whatsapp Messages from Samsung to Galaxy S6 Note
Part 3: More related articles 


Samsung Galaxy S6 Note

Samsung S6 edge Plus size model will be greater exposure

China recently rumored Samsung will launch Galaxy S6 Edge increase version, and now the latest news that this large-screen phone will be Samsung S6 Edge Plus, the screen size is 5.5 inches.(Moving Data from Samsung to Samsung)

Recently, Twitter usersOnleaks exposure Samsung S6 edge Plus the picture, the figure seems S6 edge Plus Samsung phone model, rather than a real machine. However, it is worth noting that, Onleaks Samsung S6 edge of the machine and put together were compared, compared with the latter, a larger version of the Samsung Plus size S6 edge clear.(Recover/Retrieve Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy)

In addition, according to leaked before rendering an estimated Samsung S6 edge Plus or will use design, the appearance is not very different with Samsung S6 edge double curve side of the screen.

Allegedly, Samsung S6 edge Plus is not this big-screen mobile phone final name. Samsung has applied for registration "S6 Note" trademark, which means that Samsung may eventually S6 edge Plus Samsung S6 Note name, and may be equipped with S Pen.


Moving Whatsapp Messages from Samsung to Galaxy S6 Note

So simply put your old SD card to the new phone won’t allow you to keep the complete whatsapp messages as you wanted. Sync data from iCloud or Google account may take too long. Where is the perfect solution that you have been looking for to transfer whatsapp messages from Samsung Galaxy to S6 note? Sometimes dig information in the Internet even consume longer time than the time you really need to fix the problem. Lucky, you click into this article which will not only save you the troubles to blindly find the answer but also provide the best solution you can ever find to sync all contacts/calendar/call logs/media/messages/apps from Samsung Galaxy to S6 note.

The Mobile Transfer, the real wonder you are about to witness. This software is professionally designed for transferring whatsapp messages from Galaxy S4/S2/S3/S5/ACE to new Galaxy S6 note effortlessly. You don’t need to worry if you cannot transfer all kinds of data you would like to move to new device, or to worry about data damaged after transferring. Even though Mobile Transfer only need a short time to finish transferring a large amount of data, it doesn’t mean the price of time-saving is to sacrifice your data. Trust me, within a short time, all the data you wanted will be transferred to the target device safe and sound through the Mobile Transfer.


Steps on Transfer or Copy whatsapp messages from old samsung to galaxy s6 note:

Step 1. Run the Program and Select A Mode

Be sure the Samsung mobile phones have connected to the computer via its USB cable at the same time, then you can directly launch the program, and you can see an interface like below. Here, directly choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode to share whatsapp messages between Samsung phones easily.

Step 2. Check the Device Info and Select the whatsapp messages You Wish to Copy

The program will automatically recognize your device, and display them in the source and destination area randomly. Here, you can click "Flip" button to change the position according to your own needs. After that, mark the option of "whatsapp" in the middle of the panel with a simple click.

Now, you can click "Start Copy" button to begin the transferring process as you like. And you can also check the whole process in the program just like below:



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