How to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6: The futuristic Smartphone

Korean smartphone giant Samsung could give us the handset we have all waited for eagerly. Yes , we are speaking of the Samsung Galaxy S6, which has been teasing tech junkies for quite some time on the internet. It is expected to be one of the most sought after and successful handsets next year, and it will surely give tough competition to other smartphone giants like HTC, Sony and Apple.

The Galaxy S6 will most definitely be the phone to look out for, and could be miles ahead of the competition in terms of looks, performance and features. Reports suggest Samsung might even change the traditional plastic design in the Galaxy series phones till now, which means customers could be pleasantly surprised when they get their hands on the phone.

Rumor mills are churning as far as the Galaxy S6 goes, and several of them are doing the rounds on various tech websites and gadget forums. Some of these rumors are:

Fast Exynos processor: Word is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have an octacore Exynos 8 CPU for extreme performance and smooth overall operation of the device. The cores of the processor would be optimized for better power consumption. Gaming fans could rejoice as it is also rumored that a Mali 800 GPU could also be included in the phone.
20 MP Camera: The handset could feature a dazzling 20 MP camera with autofocus and other editing features, which would be capable of capturing vibrant pictures and full HD video; also in the pipeline could be a 7 MP front camera shutter for video calling like Skype.
4K resolution, 6.2” curved display: It seems that flat screen displays in mobile phones are becoming a thing of the past- rumors suggest the Galaxy S6 could have a 6.2 inch, curved display with ultra HD 4K resolution for an amazing viewing experience.
Android 4.4 Kitkat: The Galaxy S6 should come equipped with the current latest version of Google’s Android OS, 4.4 Kitkat, which has proved to be the fastest of the lot.
4000 mAh battery: You will never run short of juice on the Galaxy S6, which could feature a huge 4000 mAh battery for heavy usage for long periods, giving talktime of 15 hrs.
Fingerprint sensor: The phone is expected to have a robust fingerprint sensor mechanism, for locking and unlocking the device securely.

Galaxy S6 price estimation:

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to be a future proof phone with amazing specs, and could carry a hefty price tag with it. If rumors are to be believed, it might cost around $800, which could sound a bit high, but considering the features you get with the device, the price paid will be well worth it.

Galaxy S6 possible release date:

The world is waiting eagerly for the Galaxy S6 to release, and according to sources, it may release sometime early next year, around April 2015, although it may be available for preorder in around February next year.


Need to know how to transfer all contacts from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S6 easily below:

"I need help!!! What trouble me a lot is I recently broken my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I have to buy a new phone to take the place of this smart phone. But what can I do to get my Samsung Galaxy S4 contacts to my new Samsung Galaxy S6? Is it possible? These contacts are quite important for me, if I can't have them back to me, it will cause me a great loss!!!"

Many people buy a new Galaxy S6,However,you need to transfer all value contacts from old Samsung galaxy phone to the new Samsung galaxy S6,or backup Samsung phone contacts to computer.Is there any way to copy all contacts from Samsung to Samsung galaxy S6 directly? How to backup contacts from Samsung phone to computer? This article teach you a easy way to transfer contacts from Samsung galaxy to new Samsung galaxy S6 or computer. 

Indeed, Mobile Transfer can help. It is a time-saving and outstanding transferring program that you can use it to sync your Samsung data like contacts, text messages, videos, pictures, songs, call logs and apps, and more. You don't need to know more about some professional knowledge of smart phones, what you need is just to download Mobile Transfer on your computer and read the instruction below carefully. The steps below can be described in brief as download, connect and transfer. It sounds easy, isn't it?

Note: Mobile can transfer data from and to many phones including Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia and iPhone and other popular phones.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Galaxy S6

Step 1. Launch Mobile Transfer on your PC
Download and install Mobile Transfer on your computer and launch it.

Step 2. Connect the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S6 to the PC

After launching Mobile Transfer, connect your S4 and your Galaxy S6 to the computer via USB cables. The program will automatically detect your two Samsung phones. The contact will be transfer from the source phone (left) to the destination one (right). If you find that they are on the wrong place, you can click "Flip" on the middle of the interface to exchange their place.

Step 3. Transfer contacts to your Samsung Galaxy S6 with a click

When two of your phones are detected, all the found data on your source phone will being displayed. Here, you just need to check out the data you want to transfer, not only contacts, but also SMS, pictures, songs and so on, then click on "Recover" to switch them from the Android phone to Samsung Galaxy S6.



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