Easiest way to Recover Deleted Photos from my Galaxy S5 Active

The most comprehensive, simple and useful way to Recover Deleted Photos from my Galaxy S5 Active.

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Part 2: Easiest way to Recover Deleted Photos from my Galaxy S5 Active
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Samsung News

Samsung's new conference to be held on August 13, rumors of a Samsung S6 edge Plus will eventually show up. And such a to 5 on the same stage debut with Samsung Note, and the flagship model of the next generation iPhone selling price under a high geometry? I believe many people are very interested. SamMobile foreign media reports, there are insiders, Samsung S6 edge Plus (32GB) price of 799.99 euros, or about RMB 5432 yuan.(Transferring info contacts from Galaxy S4/S3 to S6/Note/Plus)

As such, the Samsung S6 edge Plus Samsung S6 edge compared to the price of the listed retail price --849.99 euros (about 5772 yuan) to be a lot lower. In addition, Samsung has also announced that it will cut Samsung S6 / S6 edge prices to maintain sales growth in the mobile phone business.
Foreign media speculation that Samsung S6 edge may cut 100 euros (about 679 yuan), which is to give the new machine Samsung S6 edge Plus give way. As the aircraft time to market, foreign media said it expects in August 21.


Easiest way to Recover Deleted Photos from my Galaxy S5 Active

By Youbee:
Can I recover deleted photos from my Samsung Galaxy S5? I accidentally erased all the pictures and videos in the gallery app, pictures of my little girl doing cute things for the yesterday, they are very important to me.I want to restore those erased/deleted pictures back from Galaxy S5,is it possible to recover pictures on Samsung Galaxy smart phone?

Tips: You still have chance to recover deleted or lost pictures from Samsung phone galaxy s5,there are two ways for you get lost pictures back: Directly recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone; scan and restore photos from the SD card(you have saved those pictures on your SD card before).

This Samsung Phone Data Recovery not only can help you recover photos form Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones, but also restore data from S6/S4/S3/Note 4/Note 3/Note 2 and so forth. What’s more, it allows you recover lost pictures from the SD card directly are just a few clicks. Also, it can be used to recover contacts, text messages, videos and whatsapp from Samsung Galaxy S5.

Use guide to recover deleted photos from Samsung galaxy S5:

Download the free trial of Galaxy S5 Recovery, install and run it on your PC. Then connect your Galaxy S5 to it.

Select file types for recovering. You can select photos, videos, music, whatsapp history, contacts, text messages and documents.

Scan deleted photos and other data on your Galaxy S5, and recover lost photos by hitting the “Recover” button.



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How to Transfer Music from S2/S3/S4/Ace/Note to S6

The most comprehensive, simple and useful way to Transfer Music from S2/S3/S4/Ace/Note to S6.

Part 1: Samsung News
Part 2: How to Transfer Music from S2/S3/S4/Ace/Note to S6
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Samsung News

Samsung S6 edge Plus lens: the same specifications as S6

The reason may be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus the message is very dense. Now show news exposure, this big-screen flagship will use 16 million pixel camera.(How to Transfer Calendar from Samsung S4 to S6 Edge)

The new message from the manifest listing the site Zauba India's import and export. Which showed a 500 camera from domestic air transport to India, and these sensors are used in 16 million pixels, the size of 1 / 2.6. It is worth noting that these lenses are exactly the same specifications and Samsung S6 / S6 edge, it said to be the same one.

It seems Samsung is not intended to replace the Galaxy S6 edge Plus camera, but this 16 million pixel camera Samsung camera good results, you should not let the new machine plunges.
Configuration, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus still curved screen design, its larger screen, may reach 5.7 inches. Allegedly it will be equipped with Exynos 7422 processor, built-in 4GB of memory to run. Estimate the opportunity to appear in the new conference August 13, Samsung held.


How to Transfer Music from S2/S3/S4/Ace/Note to S6

Nowadays, music files are abundant after you download music, which makes it more difficult to transfer all the files between two phones. For most Android Samsung users, they may choose Bluetooth but finally they found it is slow. As a result, they are eager for an easy and quick way to transfer data between Samsung galaxy phones.

For those music lovers, they will be happy to share their songs with their like-minded friends. It may come up a problem: How to transfer lots of songs between Samsung galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/Ace/Note to Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge/Plus phone? it seems not easy to transfer songs between two phones quickly. To make it easy, you can count on the third tool - Phone to Phone Transfer, which is your first choice for transferring data between iOS, Android and Symbian phones.

Phone to Phone Transfer- Mobile Transfer is almighty tool for you to transfer music between Android Samsung phones. With its fast and handy function, you can transfer music in few minutes. What's more, other data can be transferred under this wonderful program, like photos, contacts, call logs, text messages and apps. This Mobile Transfer tool is not just for transferring music between Android, you can also transfer data between iOS and Symbian phones in the similar steps.
Tips: If you want to recover lost data from your Android Samsung mobile phone, we can also recommend you the third-party Android Data Recovery software.

Now, please download the free trail version and have a try:


Use guide to transfer music from Samsung to Samsung galaxy S6/edge/plus:

Step 1. Run the Mobile Transfer program

After downloading and installing Mobile Transfer program, run it on your computer. When you see the following window, click "Phone to Phone Transfer" to continue.

Step 2. Connect two phones to the computer

Now, connect both Samsung galaxy phones to the same computer via two USB cable. After connected well, the software will detect their models and automatically put them at the place of "Source" and "Destination". Make sure they are in the right places, if not, click "Flip" button to switch them.
In addition, if you want to clean all the data of Android phone, you can check the bos of "Clear data before copy" at the bottom of "Destination" phone.

Step 3. Transfer music between Samsung phones

All the content will be list and check in the catalogue. Since you just want to transfer music, check the box of music and uncheck other data, then click "start copy" button. If you also want to transfer photos, music, etc. and you can check them as well. The transferring process will take you few minutes.

Note: If you want to transfer other data, you can check and transfer contacts, photos, text messages, etc. as well.
Phone Transfer is a almighty tool, which is compatible with all kinds of devices, like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, ect. Now, let’s download the trial version and have a try.



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How to Recover Deleted Data Contacts from Samsung Note 5?

The most comprehensive, simple and useful way to Recover Deleted Data Contacts from Samsung Note 5.

Part 1: Something about Galaxy Note 5
Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Data Contacts from Samsung Note 5
Part 3: More related articles


Something about Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Note 5 more spy photos look no suspense

Just rumors before August 12 conference will be held, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, there have been news coming out recently there microblogging users Note exposure of more than 5 real machine spy photos, the appearance of this new machine is estimated that this.
(How to Transfer Contacts from S2/S3/S4/S5 to Samsung Note 5)

Spy photos, the Samsung Note 5 with a plastic protective cover, but does not prevent us from seeing the appearance of the general situation, including post double-curved glass shell, metal frame, etc. In addition the bottom to see the S Pen stylus location, overall design feeling a lot better.
(Moving Photos, Videos from Samsung Note to Note 5)

Also news also reaffirmed configuration Note 5: The Samsung Exynos 7420 processor, 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM, 1600-megapixel rear camera +500 megapixel front camera (equipped with optical image stabilization feature) 4100 mAh battery capacity and pre-installed Android 5.1.1 operating system. The machine also supports LTE 4G network.


How to Recover Deleted Data Contacts from Samsung Note 5

Sometimes,you will deleted your important data contacts on Samsung galaxy Note 5  phone by careless.Any way to recover those important data, contacts back? When you deleted Samsung galaxy note 5 contacts,those deleted data, contacts were not really lost or deleted,but only marked as useless on your phone and could be overwritten by new data,you still have chance to recover deleted contacts back from galaxy note 5 phone. Therefore, to ensure a higher rate of recovery, you'd better stop using your phone after losing your contacts,then use a third-part Samsung contacts recovery to get lost data, contacts back.

This Samsung Data Recovery: Android Phone Data Recovery provides you a simple and safe way to restore deleted data/contacts from Android Samsung smart phone directly,it also allows you recover text messages, photos, videos from Samsung mobile phone directly.In additional,if your files on memory card inside of the android phone is formatted or deleted,the android data recovery also supports retrieve files from memory card.

Here, you can download the free trail version below and have a try:


Samsung Contacts Recovery Software for Samsung phone users:

The best software ever to recover lost contacts on Samsung mobile phones.
1. Save deleted contacts from Samsung as printable VCF, CSV, or HTML file.
2. Fully support multiple Samsung phones. Click here to check if your phone or tablet is supported.

Note: Please check your Samsung device model and the Samsung OS here before you perform the recovery. Not all Samsung devices are supported right now by Samsung Phone Data Recovery.

Use guide to recover deleted data and contacts from Samsung galaxy Note 5:
Step 1. Connect Note 5 Phone to PC 

Install Samsung Data Recovery for Android. A similar window can be seen when you launch the software. Connect the two by a USB cable and wait for your computer to recognize the devices. 

Note: Do make sure that your Android is over 20% charged.

Step 2. Enter USB Debugging 

Tick USB debugging as the interface tells. This step is quite easy if you follow the procedure underneath. (The methods are different on different Android operating systems.) 

1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Go to "Settings" < Click "Applications" < Click "Development" < Check "USB debugging"
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Go to "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Go to "Settings" < Click "About Phone" < Tap "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" < Back to "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"

After that, choose "Start" on the next interface.

Step 3. Choose Kinds of Data and Which Mod to Scan with
An interface will pop up for you to select what to recover. Since only contacts are to be retrieved, we tick Contacts in order to save time.

Step 4. Click to analyze

Click Start to analyze your Samsung galaxy Note 5. Just wait a sec and a Superuser Request will show up on your phone. Allow it. Sometimes the box may pop up more than once, click Allow until it does not. And then, choose Start on your computer to begin scanning.

Step 5. Preview and Restore Lost Contacts from Samsung galaxy note 5

The result will be shown in the window as below. You can highlight one of them to see the details of your missing contact or existing one. (The missing data are marked by red, while the existing data by black.) Choose the ones that you want to get back and save on your computer, and click Recover.



1. Remember to back your Samsung contacts to computer regularly.
2. Samsung Phone Data Recovery can not only restore deleted contacts, but also do backups of screen-broken phones.
3. It also applies to recovery after factory reset, android root, data deleted.
4. You can see only deleted items by turn on the switch on the top.


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Transfer Contacts/Photos from android HTC to HTC One M9

The most comprehensive, simple and useful way to Transfer Contacts/Photos from android HTC/Samsung/LG/iPhone/Huawei/ZTE/Sony to HTC one M9.

Part 1: HTC one M9 News
Part 2: Transfer Contacts/Photos from android HTC to HTC One M9
Part 3: More related articles


HTC one M9 News

Goldgenie is a specialized custom gold, platinum version of high-end machine manufacturers, and recently launched its official gold plate HTC One M9. As we think, gilded version of HTC One M9 is very expensive, its price is $ 2,560, equivalent to about 15,896 yuan. Probably only the rich can afford it.

Of course, such an expensive cell phone can not be installed in conventional packing boxes. Goldgenie the machine offers luxury boxes, such as made of cherry oak. Meanwhile, the manufacturers also gold-plated version of HTC One M9 is equipped with a sturdy protective shell.(How to Backup Android Contacts to Computer?)

In addition, if the user already has a hand HTC One M9, Goldgenie can also transform their gold, the price is slightly lower, but users still need to pay $ 1,332.45.(How to Transfer all Data from HTC to Samsung S6)


Transfer Contacts/Photos from android HTC to HTC one M9

With the huge success of HTC One M8 in last year, HTC has long prepared to release its successor M9 to the market to continue the success story. According to a news report, 24% of One M9 buyers come from previous Samsung device owner. My friend Sarah is one of the consumer among the switch list. One of the problems she ran across when playing with the new device is how to import contacts/Photos from android HTC to new HTC One M9 as she has no clue about this.

You must first download the HTC Transfer Tool from the http://www.recover-iphone-ios-8.com/ store on your old device. Then, click on the "Get content from another phone" option in the HTC One M9's settings, select "Other Android phone," and choose between a "quick transfer" or a "full transfer." The quick transfer will simply transfer your contacts, photos over to the new phone, while the full transfer brings your messages, photos, videos, music, bookmarks, calendar, and settings to the M9.

Next, we recommend you the third-party Mobile Transfer software, you can easily download free trail version below:


Use guide to transfer contacts, photos and more from HTC to HTC One M9:

Step 1 Launch the Program in computer

Install the program and your PC will show up the primary window.

Step 2 Plug your android device Samsung/HTC/Huawei/LG/ZTE/iPhone and HTC One M9 to the computer

Connect your android HTC phones to PC, you will see this picture. It shows the transmission direction from HTC to HTC. You can click "Flip" to change the position. Now the program is detecting content of HTC, please wait a moment.

Step 3. Moving android HTC contacts, photos to new HTC One M9

Having all the data in HTC detected, you can choose "contacts", "photos" and start the program by clicking "Star Copy". It will take some times, when it stops working, you will find contacts, photos in HTC are placed in your new HTC One M9.



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