How to Get Pictures Off your Samsung Galaxy?

The most comprehensive, simple and useful way to Get Pictures Off Samsung Galaxy .

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Samsung News

Samsung mysterious processor performance tight exposure Xiaolong 820.

A mysterious Samsung processor appeared in Geekbench database, this processor is allegedly independent architecture mongoose (Mongoose), code-named "LUCKY-LTE".

From the figure we can see, this processor is single-threaded run into 1415, multi-threaded run into 4932, model Exynos8890. Except addition, the processor clocked at 1.8Ghz, and built 64 eight-core, using 14nm process technology, the performance of tight Xiaolong 820.

This processor with Samsung S7 related. As Samsung S7, there is news that the aircraft will be available in two versions, were equipped with its own Exynos processor and Xiaolong 820, it is estimated that the former code-named "Lucky," the mysterious chip it.
Of course, the parameters Geekbench database can not represent the final specifications of this processor and run sub, maybe three weeks ago at its official debut will be further improved.


How to Get Pictures Off Samsung Galaxy?

Get your pictures easily and quickly off your Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3/S2/Ace/Note to where they need to go. If you're anything like me, you probably have hundreds—if not thousands—of photos on your phone. Getting those photos off your phone isn't always entirely obvious, but you have a number of options at your disposal.

You've been taking a ton of pictures with the stellar camera on the Samsung Galaxy, and now you want to work with them elsewhere. Here are the easiest ways to get your photos tucked away for long-term storage, shared to the world, or put on your computer for more extensive editing.

With Samsung Data Manager you can back up or transfer everything includes, contacts, SMS, music, call logs, videos, apps, photos, and calendar, etc to computer.

What's more, if you suddenly lost some important data, you can restore some specific or all the backup files to your Android phone in one click.


Easy way to get photos off your Samsung galaxy mobile phone:

Step1: Connect your Samsung phone to computer

You can now connect your Samsung phone with your computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi. Your device will be detected automatically. You can then see your phone
displayed in the starting window.

Step2: Export contacts from Samsung to Computer

Go to the left column and click Photos. In the Photos management window, select the photos threads that you want to transfer. Click Save as to save the photos to your PC.


Tips: If you want to erase photos, contacts, videos, notes or other files on your Samsung galaxy phone, you can also use this Samsung Data Eraser-Mobile Transfer software to help you.


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