Samsung GALAXY A8 Evaluation: More Localized Ultrathin Phone

Despite the high price positioning, but GALAXY A8 design process point of view, it is clear that the Samsung GALAXY A series pulled want to position in the mid-market.

Compared to people on the Samsung GALAXY S series, cognitive Note series, the low-end market has been Samsung's Achilles heel. Late last year in the face of the domestic market high cost of smart phones continue to impact, try to launch a new Samsung GALAXY A series to reverse the situation, the first release is A3, A5, A7 model, price in 2K gear around. One year later updated Samsung GALAXY A-Series product line, this time bringing the A8, it became thinnest Samsung mobile phone.


If the A series to be divided, then, A8 can be regarded as a separate category. Compared with the traditional appearance of the front three on earlier models of design, A8 obviously a lot to be bold, and GALAXY Note 5 not only has a similar front face, and the body is reduced to a thickness of 5.9 mm, weight 151 grams, A8's emergence Samsung has become the thinnest mobile phone.

Since GALAXY Alpha began, Samsung finally gave up the controversial plastic material, use all-metal frame material. Although this will inevitably increase the overall weight of the product, but in fact cheap feeling plastic shell compared to the metal frame to bring more is the kind of quality to enhance the visual. The A8 also continued the metal frame design, although generally slim phone with a good aesthetics, but ignited a handshake is the lack of a sense of holding on. To solve the problem, what we see is the side of the border after the A8 recessed special treatment, coupled with integrated rear camber shell allows a single hand will not feel cut hand when holding significant phenomenon.

On the basis of guaranteed entertainment experience, A8 is equipped with a large screen and Samsung headed Note series, as the size of 5.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1080P-level, with a narrow border reflects the proportion of the advantages of Kaohsiung and Pingtung. Super AMOLED screen looks very high color saturation, the picture being relatively lovable. Home button below the screen supports fingerprint recognition, right and left sides is still the Menu key and return key.

But A8 body back before the unity of lineage and design style, right and left 16 million pixel camera with LED flash are the speaker, in fact, the Samsung S3 from the beginning has been using this design, see long time, it will inevitably be a little fatigued it.

Android phone will be with the general volume keys, power key on the right side of the fuselage design of different, Samsung will always adhere to the power button and volume keys separate from this mode of operation, I actually liked the symmetrical design, but because GALAXY A8 longer fuselage sake, so if a single hand grip to the upper left corner of the fuselage enough volume buttons is actually very tough.

GALAXY A8 unibody dual card dual standby nano SIM card slot design of the fuselage on the lower left position, a single slot to support mobile Unicom Telecom 4G, 3G, 2G network the entire network, you need to pay attention to the SIM card Slot 2 not only acts as a SIM card, also can access the micro SD expansion card. The only drawback is I do this GALAXY A8 access slot after two fuselage is uneven, it may be a case scenario.

Ultra-thin, metal, big screen, these configurations had only appear in high-end mobile phones on the body now came this flagship GALAXY A series of cost-effective models. A8 from the overall appearance of the GALAXY we saw a Samsung industrial design and change in attitude in the hardware configuration can not separate the high and low today, product design priority will obviously be promoted to a higher position.


Previously available only on GALAXY S series and Note series, Samsung will join them fingerprint recognition. But this time the Samsung GALAXY A8 fingerprint module also be reflected upon, oval design of the Home button pressed feel comfortable, moderate touch area, you need to repeatedly press about 30 times to complete a fingerprint entry. Ideal fingerprint recognition accuracy, to achieve a full 360 degrees fingerprint identification operation, but not directly in the extinguishing screen unlock state. Function, the Samsung A8 fingerprint can unlock the screen, verify accounts and mobile payments.


Samsung GALAXY A8 is equipped with custom system based on Android 5.1.1. In fact, starting from the Android 5.0 era, Samsung TouchWiz gradually try to streamline. By now, after unlocking into the system, you will not see too many cumbersome third-party applications, built basically Samsung's own S applications.

Interface has been upgraded, such as the menu page now looks cleaner. The default interface is a new addition strange call Caller identification function, additional background text chat interface also supports free replacement, some features are practical to send some of the new features is entirely in order to enhance the entertainment experience.

As many Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have chosen to integrate more applications on one yellow, Samsung A8 also seen in the same function, and named S assistant. Software is divided into two parts, one is that you can choose to download the application card on the list, the other is an integrated yellow pages, usually want to set a movie ticket, are easy to charge a bill or a query like to buy, TouchWiz consistent poor localization issues resolved before S assistant.

Another new feature is the integrated application of intelligent manager. In simple terms, we can fully detect GALAXY A8 use state this device, such as battery capacity, storage space usage, memory usage, and safety equipment. One-click optimization before allowing only release a feature, and now you can be a key to complete the refresh all the device information in the smart manager. For easier operation, the intelligent management also set up an independent plug corresponding display on the desktop.

Usually we may need to use the dual-screen operation function, GALAXY A8 long press the Menu key alternates the screen into two, for example, you can side with the memo record, but also can open the album view photos. Also before some nice features are being replicated in the new TouchWiz, if you think 5.7 inches large screen with one hand can not control, through the big screen smaller one-handed mode lets you page down to the proportion for one-handed operation.

Although the overall operating logic is that we are familiar TouchWiz, it is clear that Samsung has given this system has been completely streamlined, while domestic users pay more attention to enhance the localization of function, which has a very popular upgrade TouchWiz large role in promoting.


Shooting experience, the Samsung GALAXY A8 uses a 500-megapixel front-rear + 16 million pixel camera. Samsung GALAXY series phones are invariably focus camera. In fact, from the beginning to today's GALAXY S3 S6 edge, Note 5 and even today, this evaluation GALAXY A8, Samsung has continued to adjust the built-in camera functionality, and ultimately the rest of the automatic shooting, professional photography, panoramic shooting, continuous shooting, HDR, shooting at night, fog, filter several fixed pattern. Some complex operations are basically in a professional shooting mode can be completed.

Another point to note, the Samsung GALAXY A8 allows you to quickly turn on the shooting mode, the method is in the lock screen, or any screen, double-click the Home button will be able to enter the shooting screen, the camera start-up speed in about one second. Although now on the market to support the Quick Start camera phone a lot, but Samsung A8 double-click the Home button to activate the camera of this logic is still one of the best ways to use.

To test the effect of the camera to take pictures, I select multiple shooting scenes for testing. Outdoor proofs overall accurate color reproduction, the screen effect of the human eye to see consistent. Indoor shooting proofs accurate white balance, the camera itself with excellent anti-glare effect. While in the macro proofs can be seen in the more obvious bokeh, but the focus is slow is a problem. Also making proofs night basically did not appear obvious to shoot imaginary phenomenon, noise control is also fairly good.


Perhaps the reason is positioning itself, the hardware configuration is not the A8's strengths. It is equipped with the Qualcomm launched last year 64 eight-core Snapdragon 615 processor, using 28-nanometer process, integrated Adreno 405 processor. In order to ensure efficiency, Samsung A8 equipped to run memory and 2GB 16GB / 32GB storage space body options to deal with everyday applications will not have the card Dungan.

As for battery life status, Samsung A8 built a 3050mAh capacity battery, I tested the full power play online HD video in extreme cases, the power consumption by 21% after one hour continuous playback. Whereas the normal use of calls every day, micro-channel chat, brush circle of friends, with occasional re-use camera comes with a power-saving mode can guarantee full day.


Despite the high price positioning, but GALAXY A8 design process point of view, it is clear that the Samsung GALAXY A series pulled want to position in the mid-market. Thin body, through the metal frame and specially treated high-end models in order to see the Home key fingerprint let us perceive to experience Samsung A8 attention to detail side, while thin TouchWiz interface has also increased the number of domestic users concerned Localization functions. But compared to its own flagship model GALAXY A8 there are still some weaknesses, such as body parts and fuselage slot design is not flat, the key position to make a single hand tap becomes very difficult and relatively weak hardware configurations are also possible upgrade aspect.

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