How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S4

Thirst: Something about Samsung Galaxy S4
Second: The way to recover deleted contacts from Galaxy S4
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Thirst: Something about Samsung Galaxy S4

The Good/ The Samsung Galaxy S4 has Android 4.2.2, a fantastic camera, a powerful quad-core processor, and software solutions for just about every scenario -- including working as a TV/DVR remote. It's also comfortable in hand and has NFC, a user-replaceable battery, and a microSD storage slot.

The Bad/ Its screen is dimmer than competitors', its plastic design gives it a cheaper look than its rivals, and we found the Galaxy S4's power button turned on at undesirable times. Not all camera modes work as promised, and a long list of software features can quickly overwhelm and confuse.

The Bottom Line/ Its laundry list of features require time and effort to truly master, but the Galaxy S4 is the top choice for anyone looking for a big-screen, do-everything smartphone.

Design and build
Throughout the lifetime of Samsung's Galaxy S line , one of the biggest complaints levied against the manufacturer was -- and is -- how its plastic construction and flimsier-looking industrial design fall short compared with premium rivals from Apple and HTC.

No, Samsung sticks by plastic, and points to only a handful of Android enthusiasts who really care about vaunted materials like aluminum and glass. Yet the phone maker has also made an effort to add more "refined" touches to the Galaxy S4.

                         The Samsung Galaxy S4 is made of more modest material than the HTC One, left, and iPhone 5.

Indeed, when you compare the S3 and S4 side by side, you note a more rectangular home button, and metallic accents around the rim. The S4's 5-inch screen is taller and the bezel surrounding the display slimmer. Its volume and power/lock buttons are metallic-looking polycarbonate, and tooled to have slanted sides and a flat top. Look closely, and you'll see that the gaps around these controls are narrower, too.

The GS4's metallic spines are also reworked to be steeper and less curved than the Galaxy S3. In fact, while Samsung boasted its GS3 was inspired by nature, the GS4's straight sides seem to be inspired by the iPhone 5 or HTC One.

                        Samsung's Galaxy S4, left, looks a lot like its predecessor, the Galaxy S3.

At 5.4 inches tall by 2.8 inches by 0.3 inch thick, the Galaxy S4 is actually 0.7 millimeter thinner than GS3, and at 4.6 ounces, it's 0.7 ounce lighter as well. Yet, the S3 and S4 generations still look so similar, you might not know the difference if you're not looking closely. When in doubt, flip the S4 over to see the new tiny black-and-silver diamond design on the black mist model, or a similar pinprick design on the white frost edition. As with the Galaxy S3's brushed-plastic backing, the newer generation is so reflective, you could use it as a makeshift mirror.


Second: The way to recover deleted contacts from Galaxy S4

I deleted some contacts information of my old colleagues on my Samsung Galaxy S4 by mistake. I have no idea how can I get them back. Is it possible to recover them? I'm not a professor of Samsung phone and high-tech software. If you have any way, would you describe the process simply? Thanks a lot! --Sophie

I am sure many people have the similar annoyance that delete something important information of their Samsung Galaxy phone on impulse and find it impossible to recover them. Here comes a useful program--Samsung Data Recovery which enables you to recover lost, deleted, formatted and corrupted data from android devices.
Firstly, assure that your contacts are not yet overwritten with new data. Then download a trial version of Samsung Data Recovery from below and install it on your computer and follow the steps below to recover lost contacts on your Samsung device.


How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S4

Step 1 Run the software & Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC

Run the software on your computer. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to your computer via USB cable.
Step 2 Enable USB debugging mode on Samsung Galaxy S4

After connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to your computer, you need to enable your phone into USB debugging mode. Just need several simple steps as follows(operating steps are depended on the version of your Android system):
For Android 2.3 or earlier:
Tap "Settings" > "Applications" > "Development" > "USB debugging"
For Android 3.0 to 4.1:
Tap "Settings" > "Developer options" > "USB debugging"
For Android 4.2 or newer:
Tap "Settings" > "About Phone" > "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" > Back to "Settings" > click "Developer options" > check "USB debugging".

Note: Before enabling USB debugging mode, avoid disconnecting your phone from your computer.
Step 3 Identify your Samsung Galaxy & Scan for deleted contacts

To identify your device, you need to click "Start" in the window of your computer screen to analyze it. Then, a pop-up window from Superuser Request will appear on your phone to ask for your permission. Click "Allow" > "Remember". Then click "Start" on the window of the program and it begins scanning your device now.

Step 4 Preview & Recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy S4

After scanning, you can choose "Contacts" on the left side and preview all the contents in it. You can watch them after saving them on your computer. Mark those you want and click "Recover".
Note: To easily find the deleted data, you can click the button at the top of the window to merely display your lost data of your phone.


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