Samsung News: More Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Issues And Galaxy A3, A5 And Gear VR Details Spotted

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may have beaten the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus in terms of early release dates, but that does not mean that the South Korean company's device is not without its faults. After the early release date in its homeland, users have shown off a couple of shots that detailed how the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may have lacked in quality control as some of the shipped devices posed a problem.

This problem is the gap in the phone's manufacturing, wherein users have shown that a business card can fit in the gap between the main body and the case. Now it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may be facing another issue, this time in terms of graphics

According to Apple Insider, Samsung may have boosted its most recent devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S4, in terms of resolution display specs, but its processor fails to impress. This will allegedly allow it to compete with main rival Apple in terms of the Retina Display that it has been touting since 2010.

The report adds that part of the issue with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the fact that even with the higher resolution, it did not aim to add more to the horsepower of the device. Compared to what Apple is doing with its 64-bit processor, Samsung may have focused on the wrong thing to upgrade with its Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and even the Samsung Galaxy S4. The link above shows a comparison of the GPU used by the iPhone 6 compared to the likes of the Samsung GalaxyS5, Moto X and HTC One M8, to name a few.

Samsung Gear VR Price And Release Date Hinted

Still, this does not mean that Samsung is not innovating in the right places. With the integration of mobile and hardcore gaming, it has managed to introduce the virtual reality side of gaming and entertainment to the mobile world through the handy device, Gear VR.

While it has already been revealed at the Samsung Unpacked Event this year, it appears that there is more to Samsung's VR headset within the internal team, and the additional information has been spotted by G for Games. The report hints at an internal document within Samsung, which has reached the Web. And in it are the price and release dates of the accessory-device for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The document is reportedly a training sheet for customer service representatives, so that they can respond to user questions when the time comes.

And the questions allegedly include those asking the price and the launch date of the Samsung Gear VR. The South Korean release date has been pegged to Dec. 1 with a price tag of 200,000 won, or roughly $187, according to the source. Still, this should be taken with a grain of salt, considering that the document is not verifiable unless Samsung announces the actual release date and price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 accessory.

Samsung Galaxy A5 And A3 Spotted

As far as leaks of new devices go, the Samsung Galaxy A5 has been spotted with a new render. Phone Arena has images of the new Galaxy A5, which show off the phone in almost all sides. There are also shots of the A3 rendered, though both devices do not necessarily show off the hi-res renders.

So far, no other additional specs have been added to the list, which include a range of A series phones that are supposed to be the premium lineup of Samsung following the metal-framed Galaxy Alpha.

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