Phone is Stolen You can Remotely Delete Data without Leaving Troubles

US mobile phone market will be "forced to theft".

Existing mobile security software features have limitations, and the new technology covers the bottom of the implant in the phone's hardware encryption

Once the user's mobile phone is stolen, you can remotely erase all the information on the phone and make the phone off, it can not be used

According to foreign media reports, recently, many state governments in the United States to discuss and formulate a mandatory requirement that all mobile phone manufacturers, carriers take stronger security measures, so that the phone is stolen the user can make your own cell phone remote operation can not boot, and retrieve information stored on this mobile phone. This allows mobile phone users to realize the function of clapping and cheering, what technology? US government and corporate practice is worth our reference, this reporter interviewed a mobile software professionals, vice president of Shanghai Jiang Weipeng Green Orange technology companies.

In the state government on the occasion of the introduction of the relevant provisions of the US major handset manufacturers and operators announced: They will start the new security measures on all phones sold next year. Join this manifesto companies, including: Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Motorola, HTC and Huawei, China, in addition to the five US wireless operators.

The new security measures after the phone is stolen lets users remotely erase all the information on the phone, and the phone can not be used; and erased data can be restored on other mobile phone users. After July next year, this feature will be implemented on all phones in the United States more than 8 sale.

For this technique, Jiang Weipeng think it is not only and mobile software, but also on the underlying hardware encryption involves phone theft. At present, China's major mobile security software developed by the 360, Tencent, Baidu and other companies. Users to install such software after the phone is lost through the network, command the phone off or alarm. But this kind of software features are limited, because the thieves get the phone, usually first unplug the battery and SIM card. In this way, the phone no electricity, can not connect to any network, security software function completely ineffective. Subsequently, thieves and unscrupulous traders will have stolen phone "Brush" - reinstall the system again, this mobile phone "whiten", it can be re-entering the sales market.

"So, just to make a fuss in the software, can not completely solve the phone is stolen and the corresponding loss of privacy and other issues." Jiang Weipeng said. He believes that new technologies enable US companies to cover the bottom of the implant in the phone's hardware encryption. With this layer encryption, mobile phone software system can not be easily "brush" out. Stolen mobile phone users to remotely erase the information, and ordered the phone off, it can really play a role.

Our government is necessary to introduce a similar mandatory, promote enterprise encryption security in the phone hardware underlying it? Jiangwei Peng believes necessary. Because the phone is lost, stolen very common today, should take action to make these phones can not flow, so as to effectively fight against a huge black market. Jiang Weipeng suggestions, the Ministry of Public Security and other departments may consider the development of relevant standards, promote handset manufacturers and operators to enhance the safety factor of the phone, stop the flow of stolen mobile phone again, "Brush" post. "Government departments can also formulate 'cloud storage' safety standards, so that each user's mobile phone to get security information in the cloud to save."

Jiangwei Peng also pointed out that the so-called "one foot in mind that" even more powerful encryption measures taken, stolen phone is still likely to be highly skilled "hacker" crack, "washed." In view of this situation, enterprises and governments only continue to be addressed with the new technologies and standards, public phones and personal information security services.


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