Samsung Galaxy S6 – The Demon Smartphone!

Possibility of Samsung Galaxy S6

Mobile technology has to be one of the most dynamic industries. Every time there is always something new coming up. New smart phones are always getting released every few months. This is mostly to keep up it the demand from consumers. It’s the nature of people to want something better. That is why consumers are always craving the latest technology. Smart phone manufacturers do not disappoint on this. They make sure they give people what they want. Samsung is one of the biggest players in the smart phone technology market. It comes only second to Apple. Over the years, Samsung has found a way to always keep consumers happy with its products.

The Samsung Galaxy S is the flag ship smart phone for this particular company. AS of 2013, it had released the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is the smart phone that caused quite a sensation among consumers. It was the gadget that was giving iPhone4 a run for its money. It has not been that long since the last release from Samsung but you are already looking for something new. The Samsung Galaxy S6 seems like a lifetime away but you have certainly started looking at the possibilities.

The Specs- All You Can Imagine

As a smart phone enthusiast, you can’t help but think of all the “Samsung Galaxy S6 specs & features”. It’s from these speculations that most manufacturers get their ideas from. In a prefect world, the S6 would come with all of these features that you have imagined.

The OS- Samsung uses the Android OS on its Galaxy S line of smart phones. Since the last Galaxy, the S4, Android has seen some updates. That means the S6 would come with a better version of Android. The S4 came with the Android Jelly Bean, 4.2.2. Android has since then upgraded to version 4.4, KitKat. If patterns are to be followed, you can expect another version of Android with the Galaxy S6. A good probability would be Android 5.5 or 6.0. Alternatively, Samsung could go with own OS, Tizen. This would however be a huge gamble for Samsung unless of course Tizen can give consumers what Android does.

The camera is also something else that you can expect to improve. 16 or 18 megapixels does not seem too ambitious. It’s what you would expect from a smart phone that is keeping up with the times. Of course you can expect a back and front camera. Auto focus and LED are some of the new features you can look for in the S6.

The designs of the S6 will be more advanced. One thing that people look for when buying a smart phone is the portability. Making the S6 lighter and slimmer is what most people are looking for. You can expect that Samsung will try to come up with the sleekest design. A metal casing is most probable for the S6 .That would mean better protection for your phone.

The display is also something else you pay close attention to when it comes to smart phones. A 5.5” display is just what the next Galaxy needs. That would give your phone more clarity and make it easier to use. Of course with a full touch screen function. A screen protection that is water proof seems like too far fetched but you can expect to see it in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

A fingerprint sensor is another rumored featured for the S6. Apple has already introduced this in their latest version of the iPhone. Samsung will be sure to have one to provide the needed protection for your phone. You can count on absolute privacy with your Galaxy S6.

A 5G network is also one way Samsung can make the S6 stand out. This is one thing that consumers will appreciate. Better network performance is always a good sell for any gadget.

4GB of RAM is a possible feature for the S6. You know you could use with all the memory you can get. With all the applications you can install on a smart phone, memory is very vital. You can also expect to increase the external memory to about 64-128GB. This would certainly cater for all your memory needs.

Smart phone users are always complaining about the battery life especially with Android OS. This is something that Samsung will look into with the S6. Longer battery life will be an added advantage. Think about 4,000- 5,000mAh.

Possible Release Date-Still a long Way to go

Release for new smart phones in the market is always so well calculated. There are certain factors that contribute to when a smart phone will be released. Samsung released the S4 in April 2013 and people are waiting for the S5 in 2014. Of course there will be some time between the S5 and S6 release. You can expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S6 in early 2015. Samsung has to look at the response of the consumers. You know people are always complaining about one feature or another. A manufacture has to wait and see what improvements need to be made. They also need time to cerate something new and better. That is why March or April of 2015 are better options for the release date of Galaxy S6.

Budgeting for Your Samsung Galaxy S6

Smart phones come with different price tags. This will differ depending on a lot of things; For instance, the time of purchase. When a phone is released it costs more than if you bought it a few weeks later. The Samsung Galaxy S6 price will be around 700-800 USD. You also have the option of buying your phone from network carriers. This will usually cost you less especially with contracts.

Smart phone manufacturers also give you the option of preordering. A pre order would cost you more than regular purchase. There are also retail stores that get stocked with the new smart phones when they are released. Some of these stores give discounts. These are just some of the options you have in case you want to start budgeting for your Galaxy S6.

“The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one phone that will be setting trends when it gets released”

You can be sure that this is the smart phone to watch out for in 2015. You can expect to see some of the mentioned features and maybe a lot more. That is the beauty of technology; you never know what people will come up with tomorrow.


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