Transferring info contacts from Galaxy S4/S3 to S6/Note/Plus

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus

Samsung S6 Plus and then exposed to a 3000mAh battery upgrade

some time ago there was news that on September Berlin IFA, Samsung will soon launch a new machine Samsung S6 Plus. GSMArena latest foreign media reports indicate that Samsung S6 Plus will be equipped with 3000mAh high capacity battery, compared to Samsung S6 (2600mAh) increase significantly.

Allegedly, the machine code Zero 2, Model SM-928, uses 5.5 inches Super AMOLED Screen, equipped Xiaolong 808 six-core processor, built-in 32GB storage space, rear 16 million pixel camera, equipped with a 3000mAh battery.
Samsung S6 Plus menacing, bound to or the same in September and released the next generation iPhone quitting. So, the question is, who is in the cannon fodder?


Transfering info from Galaxy S4/S3 to S6/Note/Plus

We cannot deny the fact that nowadays smart phones are getting more and more intelligent. It almost become the extended part of our brain to help us to record data and arrange our daily life. Even only used a smart phone for a short time, there might be a large amount of important data that must be transferred to the next smart phone you are going to use. No doubt that Samsung Galaxy S4/S3 is an outstanding smart phone for the pasted several years, now the Samsung Galaxy S6 is coming and ready to present even better performance than Galaxy S4/S3. I bet you must already get a purchase plan of this phone as your new assistant in your life as well as your work.

However, you may be worried about if there are some problems when trying to transfer info between the old Android operating system to the new Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Note/S6 Plus. After all since you want to replace your old Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, the most important thing is to export all old but important data from the old Android device, and then put them to the new Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Note/S6 Plus.

How to transfer info from Samsung S3/S4 to Samsung S6/S6 Note/S6 Plus?

If you just need everything easy, you can turn to Mobile Transfer and let it help you accomplished all the data transfer work. This powerful tool can help you transfer all your info including the music, contacts, video, pictures, call log, calendar, SMS and so on from the old Android phone to your new Samsung Galaxy  S6/S6 Note/S6 Plus efficiently. All you need to do is just some clicks.


Transferring info from Galaxy S3/S4 to Samsung S6/S6 Note/S6 Plus:

Step 1 : Run Mobile Transfer

After you are installed Mobile Transfer on your computer, just launch it. The primary window of it will show on your screen. The interface is colorful but clear. Then just click the “Start” button to go to the Phone to Phone transfer window.

Step 3 : Connect both your old Samsung phone & new Galaxy S6/Note/Plus to the computer

Connect your old Samsung S3/S4 and the new Galaxy S6 Note/Plus to the computer. They will be detected and shown in the primary window automatically.

Step 4 : Transfer music, video, contacts and so on from Samsung phone to Galaxy S6/Note/Plus

In the middle there are some checkboxes, just tick what you want, and then click the “Start Copy” button, and the program will start transferring the data you selected to your Samsung Galaxy S6/Note/Plus.



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