Samsung S6 / S6 edge is expected to ship 45 million units this year

China since last year , Samsung 's flagship Galaxy S5 after disappointing sales, the world's largest smart phone manufacturer sales results concern the new flagship of industry professionals. According to Deutsche Bank's latest report shows that the expected Samsung S6 / S6 Edge Dual shipments this year will be around 45 million units.

The data with a variety of broadly consistent with previously reported, in April this year, Citigroup analysts had predicted this figure will be over 50 million, this prediction has recently received research firm Counterpoint recognized. Meanwhile, Samsung insiders also said earlier this month, Samsung S6 / S6 Edge selling well, close to the target previously set.

However, there are different voices in the market. Oppenheimer investment bank recently said that Samsung S6 series poor sales over the same period sales of less than S5, which makes specific facts become blurred flutter. Perhaps the July Samsung released the second quarter earnings, we can really know these two flagship sales.

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