Samsung S6 Edge + Experience

According to tradition, the beginning of the year and in the MWC show IFA show, Samsung will release S series and the Note were new flagship series, just a little different this year. S6 early and S6 Edge, years in Note 5 and S6 Edge +, fully confirmed after Note Edge test the water, the use of double-curved screen design, even hanging the name Edge Series S6, but its importance has been possible with Note Series S Series and flat market share decline in recent years, and finally come up with some firm Samsung differentiated products to reshape the brand's determination.(How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S6)

Curved screen is still the biggest selling point

Like the protagonist of this article Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, even though it actually looks and Galaxy S6 Edge and no major changes, but the design is still double curved screen has a great destruction, it really is a very high value of the Yen products. How high? I think that at least better than iPhone high, iPhone after several generations in the design and can not bring any bright spots of innovation, Samsung is sprayed years "perennial large plastic" design after bitter experience, starting from the Galaxy S6 It has been a qualitative change, and S6 Edge and S6 Edge + can be said Samsung in the design and craftsmanship pinnacle.(Transfer Data Between Samsung Note and Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

Compared to S6 Edge is, S6 Edge + becomes greater, as the screen becomes what a great benefit, I think Xiaosong have the final say, he was at the press conference, before the other phone can only cross-screen film, and curved screen can bend children's S6 edge +, wide face more afraid to meet the aspirations of his portrait taken.

Just such an appearance of innovative, high priced products, Samsung was able beaten to death on the details of the deal Virgo, lordosis Home key, after Alice's camera, especially the front needs to press the Home key and touch design return / multitasking key composed of two kinds of interaction, has some weird experience, but Samsung has been in use this design, "maverick."

Secondly, although the glass panel to S6 Edge + bring a very good design sense, but at the same time it is also very easily contaminated with fingerprints, stain resistance really been a problem, simply playing for a while, it became a beautiful cover painted face, so I basically took cover in the use of official protection, and this advantage also lies in projecting camera substantially flush with the rear shell.

In the previous S6 / S6 Edge evaluation, we found the camera is not centered issues, and to the higher price of S6 Edge + on, the problem still exists. Difficult to appear on the iPhone, and even some domestic thousands of machines are no such problems in the high-end Samsung flagship phone above is very common, is this is part of the design? Webcam centered really hard?

Also in the SIM card slot, headphone socket and Micro USB slot position, all the material is plastic, but like other flagship model, which has long been a regular plug in place of metal, Samsung insist on doing so, a process issues or costs strict control of it?

Curved screen gimmick than practical

Samsung S6 Edge + 5.7 inches with 2560 × 1440 pixels Super AMOLED screen display effect from the point of view, it is undoubtedly one of the best screen display can say is praise! Thumbs up! Thumbs up! And the design seems to make double curved screen images to life again, especially when browsing photos, this screen brings children can enjoy the visual experience to describe.

And curved screen, Samsung also developed for some features, such as screen facing down, when there is an incoming call, the Samsung screen is displayed according to the color of the surface to determine who is. So the question is, for such a function, how many people will screen face down on the table, according to common sense, higher maintenance costs, more likely to be designated by the user's screen will particularly "care."
And if done from many vendors to simplify the user experience step look through color-coded contacts are more complicated, look at the color to ponder the process color is needed, if only want to achieve through these features curved screen of the difference, then, In fact, not a good thing.

Increase the screen, but the system does not make the appropriate section and experience to upgrade, operate on S6 Edge to the Edge + a bit awkward, the simplest example is the side of the display screen slides back and forth time and other information, you want to achieve with one hand the success rate is too low, the glass surface of the fuselage itself a little smooth for some, but when one hand to slide the side panel, sliding lighter did not respond, will drive heavy slide phone, why must select a sliding manner? Double-click or press seems more relaxed these?(How to Transfer Contacts/Photos from S3/S4/S5 to Galaxy S6 Edge Plus?

There are side Quick Contacts screen, side screen quick application of these functions is somewhat improved over the S6 Edge, and use them cool. The problem is that these functions in the general phone above can also be achieved sidebar, S6 Edge + to do is just to improve this operating experience, rather than change. Only when Samsung developed based on the real side of the screen surface can change the user experience features, S6 Edge + these phones can really fire up, otherwise it is just a product suitable for loading X.

Touchwiz one time greatly changed

I remember that at the press conference, Samsung spent Manduo length spoke Touchwiz various localization improvements, such as finally canceled the second desktop support more themes, system weight, added life yellow, etc., but look at me to Samsung on the system did not find the real sore point. Currently third-party Android ROM on the market, nothing less than the most popular categories. One is partial iOS philosophy, the entire system logic clear and simple; the other is like a hammer, hydrogen OS that has a highly personalized design concept, one looks attractive. The Touchwiz is very moderation. One sister is evaluated, S6 Edge + appearance desire to buy more than the iPhone, but the screen lit with for a while, the desire to buy all of a sudden light down, because the experience of the system is not as simple iPhone.

In addition, although the new version of Touchwiz be thin compared to the old version, but you guess 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM combination of S6 Edge +, leaving the actual number of users? The answer is a 2GB RAM + 25GB ROM, this is the case in the absence of any other application data and just-made machine installation, really do not understand how that 2GB RAM is to be eaten! Spend some time around the rest of the basic 1.6GB, and this should be one of the reasons why Samsung will be the card of a permanent.

As for the S and intelligent assistant manager to join these new so-called localization applications, using up the experience not as good as the domestic mobile phone comes with similar applications, especially S helper function is really more, but there is nothing practical place, I feel more like a co-branded advertising tool, every time you open will have a product recommendation advertising. If this is what Samsung would like to reflect the humane care improvements for users, I think not worth mentioning. Touchwiz one time that drastic change, after all, now the flagship phone is no longer a fight hardware, more personalized service and a better user experience is the most important.

Jingbu flagship hot-swappable and double pass

Samsung S6 Edge + dual-card design, this is very good, very consistent with the real needs of domestic users, but also from the practical use point of view, these two slots can blind plug, whether you are Telecom, China Unicom or mobile users, do not worry insert slot on no, this is more humane. However, I have found in the course, S6 Edge + does not support hot-swappable, restarting after each card replacement can be found to the signal, this is no problem on the iPhone. And so high-end flagship phone actually do not support the two-way function, although it is very small features, but in order to see the great small, which is a user in the process most frequently come into contact with something to use, which seems to be exactly what Samsung is currently the missing part.
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I did not have to pick the hardware configuration

S6 Edge + is still using its own 14nm FinFET process Exynos 7420 eight-core processor, with LPDDR4 UFS2.0 memory and storage technology, performance indeed cattle, Samsung's hardware R & D strength is indeed commendable, this is Samsung dare not "flagship dedicated processor" reason Xiaolong 810, after all, they have the lead in technology.

Taking pictures, S6 Edge + does not change, the same 16 million pixel camera, F / 1.9 aperture, OIS optical image stabilization and 4K video recording, the data did not look so stunning, but it really is the best I've used pictures one smart phone, so I always carry a lot of conference S6 Edge + light to shoot, rather than bulky SLR. Simply send a photo of two Meizu PRO "concert" on readily shoot, in which more complex lighting conditions seen S6 Edge + powerful in the camera's.

Of course, S6 Edge + when used more frequently, for example, when continuous shooting, rear or have fever, and good heat are mainly concentrated in the vicinity of the camera, and the temperature in the acceptable range. On the other hand, upgrade to 3000mAh lithium battery and no significant improvement in endurance performance S6 Edge +, can only say that some of the stronger than S6 Edge, normal use is no problem, then one day, one day insist on frequent use of words or quite hard. In this case is necessary to use fast charge technology, and I tried to charge from 5% to full power was on 68 minutes, fast charge technology to bring the experience is very good, high-capacity fast charger has become the flagship of the current standard configuration.
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Hardware king, software drag

After the experience, I think Samsung is still deserved hardware king, whether it is a double curved screen or 14nm processor, Samsung is the leading place. S6 Edge + like Samsung darling, almost all of the most advanced technologies are brought together in one, just from the appearance, performance, photograph these terms, it is difficult to be overtaken by other phones, or even be better than the iPhone .

Samsung just missing the details of the pursuit of perfection, a number of seemingly small function seems to have no domestic thousand Yuan machine to do good, especially in the human aspects of the system, Touchwiz user experience than not domestic thousand Yuan machine is equipped with a variety of first Tripartite Android ROM, let alone the iOS. Samsung To Edge With this series to achieve magnificent comeback, the system needs to make a real qualitative change, rather than simply adding some so-called localization applications.
In the era of excess hardware generally, the importance of using experience are becoming increasingly important, color value, strong performance has been difficult to play a decisive role, a good interactive experience is most important. IPhone look at it, the new year is actually just the previous-generation on the basis of minor repairs, difficult to say what is innovation, but that is because an iOS user-friendly experience, iPhone is still firmly occupy the market leader position in the high-end flagship, and In retrospect, Samsung, hardware, design right, system, details left, another tie him down, not an effort to make further strong hardware can only be mad to advance slowly pulling the system forward.