Transfer Data Between Samsung Note and Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

News about Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge 

Galaxy S6, S6 Edge have adopted a non-removable battery design, which might be it, but the key is the capacity of special small, only 2550 mA, respectively, 2600 mA. Although Samsung optimized well, life is also decent, but as a flagship in the end should be better son.

Next, Note 5, S6 Edge Plus will come side by side, are equipped with 2K 5.67-inch big screen, along with the overall standard has improved, inevitably has a higher demand on the battery.
Great Godevleaks broke just confirmed the previous rumors, according to the leaked spec sheet, both the battery capacity is 3000 mA.

This compared S6, S6 Edge is progress, but in fact really is not big enough, you know there last year Note 4 3220 mA it, they regressed.
The only hope now is the Samsung can on hardware, systems, software optimization to do, at least not fall below the normal level of life, but if you want to play for a long time machine, would be disappointed.

If you have buy a new Samsung Galaxy S6,you can use a Phone Transfer to copy data from old Samsung Galaxy Note 4/3/2 to Samsung Galaxy S6 directly.

You are free to transfer data from Android to Android, iOS to Android, Symbian to iOS, etc. What’s more, no matter you want to backup or copy any data, Phone Transfer and Phone Transfer for Mac,both allows you transfer contacts, text messages, photos, music, videos and apps from Samsung Galaxy Note 4/3/2 to Samsung Galaxy S6. The best part is it’s free-risk and won’t cause any quality problem.

Actually, if you want to cope Samsung data to Samsung Galaxy S6, like Samsung S6, you don't have to insert the old SIM card or edit the phone numbers one by one on your Samsung S6. With the help with Phone to Phone Transfer tool, you can transfer all your data including contacts, messages, videos, photos, notes to the Samsung Galaxy S6 with I click.


Tips: You also can use this pone transfer to copy data between Samsung S4/S5/S3/S2 and Galaxy S6 directly.

Transfer Data from Samsung Galaxy Note to Samsung Galaxy S6

Step 1. Launch Mobile Transfer program and select the mode

At the beginning, you need to download and run Mobile Transfer on your computer first. And then you will get an interface as the sample below, select "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Step 2 Connect two Samsung phones to the same computer

You need to connect both Samsung phones to the same computer with USB cables after the program launches done. After Mobile Transfer automatically detect them, you will see the window as below. you will see the Android phone you want to export contacts will show up on the left side and the one to be imported will place on the right side.

Note: You should ensure that the new equipment in the right, If not, click the “Flip” button to change their place.

Step 3. Begin to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S6

After completing the above steps, then you can transfer your all dtaa from old Samsung Galaxy to new one, the software allows us to transfer all kinds of data between Android OS.IOS or Symbian. Choose data like text messages, music, photos you want to transfer and click “Start Copy” button to start transferring. Please remember to keep your phones connected during contacts transferring.

Free download the Phone Transfer:


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