My Samsung Galaxy Also Prone to These Problems

I liked the Samsung mobile phone

My Samsung Galaxy phone has found the problem:

1. Do not go out often play phone, no matter if you're in a hurry, you press the dial key to start from at least one minute can dial out
2. Play no words, typing bar display properly, that is not hit on the word, you must restart the machine
3. Easy bad motherboard. Samsung's sale is that you come I will give you redo the system, or is change the motherboard, although not spend it, I not enough for fee thing, I'll open a privilege motherboard burned, too fragile now.

Black for many reasons, the system issues, software conflicts. Screen damage will shine into the blank screen. We recommend that you try the following:

1. Your phone software is installed mobile security guards or some third-party software program, if there is please try to uninstall.
2. We recommend that you put the machine back to the factory settings, as follows: Settings - Accounts - Reset - Reset (but since this machine to restore the phone to factory settings, all data will be lost, you advance to the important data such as phone book, video and pictures about the backup).
3. It is recommended that you try a firmware upgrade.

The reason often crashes

Answer 1: phone cards, slow, crash, reboot
The phone is slow to respond, the card or even crash restart for many reasons, the most important one is the mobile phone hardware configuration is not ideal. Low-end models of the CPU and memory is difficult to meet the needs of high-volume applications running simultaneously, SD card is not good enough sometimes cause crashes (especially in the application of the transfer to the SD card to do the operation time). Another frequent problem is the program to install and open too many (sometimes handset manufacturers will be integrated in the system some applications, but not every user need them, you can consider uninstall). This time we want to develop good habits of mobile phone use, including frequent cleaning of the phone is not commonly used applications, the normal press "Back" button to exit the program (press "Home" button, but the program running in the background oh), the abolition of dynamic wallpaper, in "settings -> display -> Animation "select close animation and so on. We also found in some high-end models, even if the application will feel much loaded card, it may be because some applications take up too many resources, or system-level issues. If you can not find the cause, you can use the phone to set the "Preset" to reset the system, which will restore the phone back to the state when bought (but before all the applications and data are deleted, pay attention to the backup). There is also a possibility, such as your phone configuration is not high, low Andorid version, but this time you tried a higher version of Andorid system, such as the current 4.0, usually single-core phone up and running will be more difficult, there are cards Dayton, etc. is granted. So Brush selection system version, when, according to their own performance to determine the phone, do not blindly pursue more advanced experience.


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