Samsung A5 dismantling metal phone: compact and easy maintenance

Late last year, Samsung announced in Beijing hit the young fashion market GALAXY A series phone, the Samsung Series sweep trough point plastics years, all to create the metal frame.

Intelligent hardware platform for large data eWiseTech site dismantling of a series in which the Ministry of A5, following the dismantling of sharing details of GALAXY A5.

First, remove the SIM card phone to the right of the needle, respectively, two SIM card. Said here about the A5 dual card dual standby, on the lower right side of the phone SIM card-based SIM card, using the Nano SIM card, the above is an SD card and SIM card dual with Cato, users can use Micro SD or Nano SIM, but not both.

Closer to home, then removed, subjected to hot air around the screen, so that the adhesive to soften around the screen, and then gently pull the bottom of the screen chucks, using plastic paddles along the seams of the screen and the body slowly draw open, so that the screen and body separation, attention-screen cable interface on the host the upper right side of the screen first before removing tweezers separate interface, the phone's Home button did not like the previous Samsung phones as fixed on the screen box, pry Home key directly on the screen can be removed.

After removing the screen, use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the frame 12, respectively, on the black metal screws.

Seen from the chart on the back of the screen and the metal body inside a large area of copper foil affixed to help phone overall cooling. After eWiseTech engineer confirmed, A5 screen from Samsung's own OMLED screen, model AMS497EE01.2300 mAh lithium polymer battery also comes from Samsung's own model for EB-BA500ABE, by Tianjin Samsung SDI Co., manufacturing, electricity core from Samsung SDI.

After the box and take out the motherboard, a metal body basically has no part, leaving a vibrator and two antenna cables, the bottom of which is a T-shaped radio communication antenna, were carefully removed with tweezers three parts.

Disconnect the various connectors, and remove the motherboard.

Back in the box, tweezers to remove the speaker and earpiece, attention, A5 speaker and earpiece with two small soft cable contacts with glue stick on the box. Tilt with a crowbar to remove the battery side of the battery can be finally tweezers to carefully remove the USB board and the pressure in the small speaker below the microphone volume control and vice small plates, small plates USB in taking the time to be careful, the bottom of the small plates there are two sides of the direction of the touch cable attached to the back in the box.

Remove the battery, speakers and other small devices house, GALAXY A5 basically was gone. Then take a look at the main board:

Open the shield on the motherboard Let's see what the chip on the motherboard it. The first is the front of the motherboard, from left to right are the light sensor and proximity sensor from Sharp GP2A25; the three interfaces are connected to 5 million front camera, display and 13 million rear camera; beside interface from Samsung 2GB memory on its own space and 16GB flash memory chips, model KMR310001M-B611; next to the memory chip is the heart of the A5 from Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 410 64 MSM8916; between two SIM card slots, relatively large with a chip from the A9374140 AVAGO low-noise amplifier; one is above SKY7006 antenna switch chip from SKYWORKS of.

Mainly on the back of the motherboard Qualcomm WCN3660B WiFi, Bluetooth, FM and GPS chip set; Qualcomm PM8916 power management chip; from the BMC150 BOSCH triaxial accelerometer and three-axis electronic compass; Qualcomm WTR1605LLTE RF chip; two from Murata's integrated chip antenna switch; one from RFMD's RF7459A quad-band GSM / WCDMA power amplifier; a model for the company from Silicon Mitus SM5502 USB smart switch chip.

The old rules, the last family portrait.

To sum up

Samsung Samsung GALAXY A5 whole to maintain a consistent style, compact phone's internal structure, but not messy, dismantling simple, post-maintenance more convenient.


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