Samsung galaxy S6 will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor push sliding abandoned

Due to excessive homogenization of the Android camp and hardware configuration, more and more mobile phone manufacturers have begun to seek other can achieve differentiation breakthrough. And after Touch ID has been successfully applied in the iPhone, fingerprint identification has become many Android mobile phone manufacturers pursued hotspot functionality, Samsung is one of them naturally. But with Touch ID fingerprint recognition sensor push different Samsung flagship model Galaxy S5 is equipped with slide-type fingerprint recognition sensor, you need to slide your finger over the sensor to recognize.

Compared with the sliding fingerprint recognition sensor, fingerprint recognition sensor push difference though is just a different mode of operation, but the actual experience have to be much good. Fingerprint sensor push not only to identify faster and higher precision, and like the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 other high-end Android smartphones have already started using the push of the fingerprint sensor. According to SamMobile reported that Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 new flagship model will also be abandoned sliding fingerprint recognition sensor, switch to push the fingerprint sensor, which will no doubt Galaxy S6 users a better experience of fingerprinting .

Furthermore, in terms of software, Galaxy S6 fingerprinting will also be optimized, such as fingerprint recognition and log in PayPal payment. Earlier rumors from the past and Samsung product strategy point of view, Galaxy S6 will be held in March this year at MWC show before release.


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