Samsung Will Launch A Three Proofings Galaxy S6

Samsung will launch a three proofings S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. For overall configuration, S6 Active is similar with the ordinary S6 version, and will also add support for external memory card feature. But the lens performance will decline, but also removes fingerprint sensor and heart rate detector sense.

When Samsung officially announced two new flagship 2015 Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, when everyone seems to have been a new metal casing and design impressed, but for many users prefer Android devices, and Samsung's new flagship not perfect, because the Samsung Galaxy S6 who gave up more to remove the battery and MicroSD card expansion debut feature, which allows a lot of interest for the Galaxy S6 consumers feel very sorry.

Maybe before the Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and increased power-saving mode and optimize the use of the battery, so many users are increasingly accustomed to adapt to go out without a backup battery, it can not replace the battery seems to Galaxy S6 did not produce much impact. But another major change, which is designed to remove the MicroSD card slot so many Samsung fans really feel unable to accept, after so many years, Android iOS device in the face of competition, and support for external memory card has been one of the biggest advantages of .

But now, if fans want to re-spend the Samsung flagship card support, it is not impossible, according to a recent report shows that the Samsung Galaxy S6 planned three anti-edition models, namely the Galaxy S6 Active restore this feature supports external memory card.

According to the user from the Reddit website garshol said that before he had with a representative of Samsung's talked, discussed issues related to Galaxy S6 Active. According to the description garshol, the overall configuration of Galaxy S6 Active roughly the same as with the ordinary version of the Galaxy S6, and will also add support for external memory card feature. But so the other parameters will also pay the "price" that lens performance will decline, but also removes fingerprint sensor and heartbeat detectors sense. Galaxy S6 Active but still retain OIS optical image stabilization feature.

In addition, the good news is re-enabled Galaxy S6 Active removable battery design, and the use of physical buttons on the front panel. Meanwhile, in order to obtain better endurance performance, the aircraft are equipped with touch screen resolution is unlikely to be maintained at the level of 2K. The other is that the series has always been waterproof, dustproof and drop resistance function.

How, if you allow users to sacrifice fingerprint sensor, heart rate detector, and reduce camera performance in exchange for support MicroSD card expansion can be removable battery design, you like Galaxy S6 users how to choose depends on your needs.

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