Samsung Galaxy S6 want to show us something at MWC Assembly

The MWC Barcelona Mobile World Congress, Samsung will be the first one of the new conference held in several major mobile phone manufacturers. According to official information, the Samsung MWC conference will be in Beijing March 2 1:30 am, at which time its flagship Galaxy S6 blockbuster this year will also be unveiled in front of the world. For Samsung, the upcoming Galaxy S6 carries important task: the premise of a new design and new technologies to help reverse the decline in Samsung's smartphone market.

So far, the rumors about Samsung Galaxy S6 already overwhelming. Recalling these rumors information we can find on the Samsung flagship new machine to be emphasized, and the key point is that you want to show everyone what: curved screen is on behalf of its advanced technology, Exynos processor faster and more powerful, design change to streamline the TouchWiz OS ...... looks Galaxy S6 has many highlights what Samsung wants to restore the situation by focusing direction.

Double curve side screen applications

Galaxy S6 will also launch dual curved side of the screen version, so far has almost become the consensus, and Samsung in its conference invitation also gives hints. From the exposure of the spy photos, in addition to the two different versions of the Galaxy S6 screen, almost no much difference appearance.
Samsung's first use of the device is a curved screen Galaxy Note Edge, after listing several markets to consumers impressed. The Galaxy S6 is "advanced" version of Note Edge. Double curved screen in addition to showcasing its advanced screen technology, eye-catching addition, for the people operating experience and operating practices will have varying degrees of change. According to Samsung's vision, curved side panel can be in the case of the main screen lock screen, to provide users with a telephone, text messaging, e-mail, clock and other basic functional needs.

Equipped with its own Exynos processor

Earlier media reports said many Samsung Galaxy S6 will abandon 64 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 810 in favor of their own development, and manufacturing of Exynos processor, because Xiaolong 810 heat problem. At the same time there is news that Samsung's new Exynos 7420 processor will be formally released at the beginning of 3, Galaxy S6 equipped with great possibilities of this processor.
In the mobile phone market, Samsung face of Apple, millet and other manufacturers of the threat, and in the chip market, Samsung is at the high pass both cooperation and competition with the state. Some analysts believe that Samsung's own Exynos chip S6 use, to some extent, it is hoped to expand the Exynos chip market, improve competitiveness and influence the pattern of the entire semiconductor industry.

Appearance will be improved with the camera

According to previous exposure information, Galaxy S6 will be configured 20 million pixel camera, and support for optical image stabilization. In the long ago, Samsung had previously released some official promotional video, highlighting the Galaxy S6 cameras night shot function, the next-generation flagship Samsung looks will still camera as one of its focus on improving the function point.
The appearance, Galaxy S6 may apply nowadays very popular "double mirror" design and metal side of the border, after the shell is no longer using a special grip material, circulated on the Internet in recent days of the real machine spy Also verify this .

TouchWiz more streamlined system

Samsung used the intelligent machine users must understand and experience their device uses TouchWiz system is not very good, the Samsung Galaxy S6 in this new machine, it is expected to make improvements for this area. Earlier reports said that Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S6 will organize the TouchWiz system to streamline the bloated Samsung has always been preloaded applications to improve system speed. It is reported that the final pre Galaxy S6 S Voice and S Health only two home applications.
In order to better cater to the Android 5.0 interface style, giving users a better experience, Samsung will have a music player, video player and photo albums and other system applications interface remodeling, Google will also cited many of the latest design animation. In addition, Galaxy S6 will be preloaded with Microsoft's One Drive, One Note, Skype and Google some essential services.

Outside these few highlights, other rumors Samsung Galaxy S6 configuration also includes: 5.5 inches of 2K display, 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM storage portfolio, integrated metal slim, fingerprint identification and so on. As to whether there will be other highlights, it is necessary to wait for the press conference for tomorrow morning we unveiled.

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