How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung galaxy A5

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Something about Samsung Galaxy A5

We already know what some of you are going to say: “But it looks just like an iPhone!” If by that you mean it looks crafted, rather than simply made, or that it looks high-end and radiates quality, then yes, it’s just like an iPhone.

The Samsung Galaxy A5 is further proof of Samsung’s renewed focus on quality design. It started with the Galaxy Alpha towards the end of last year, and continued through the Note 4 and Note 4 Edge, and the Galaxy A5 is the most desirable Samsung phones we’ve seen.

Comparisons to the iPhone 5S are inevitable, but the A5’s larger screen and slimmer, 6.7mm thick body make it more attractive – we also prefer the smooth plastic on the rear of the A5, with its subtle pearlescent finish.


 Ways to transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung galaxy A5

Abandon your old Samsung mobile phone and want to try new Samsung galaxy A5? After getting a shiny brand-new Android phone, like Samsung, the first thing you have to do might be transferring contacts from old Samsung mobile to new Samsung galaxy A5, which you may consider to be annoying. In fact, you don't have to edit contacts one by one manually on your new Samsung galaxy A5/A3/A7. Using accounts, Gmail, for example, as an intermediary tool, seems to be a good method, but it's still not fast and convenient enough. That's why I recommend phone transfer tools for contact transferring between Android Samsung galaxy or other iPhone phones.

Indeed, Phone to Phone Transfer can help. It is a time-saving and outstanding transferring program that you can use it to sync your Samsung data like contacts, text messages, videos, pictures, songs, call logs and apps, and more. You don't need to know more about some professional knowledge of smart phones, what you need is just to download Samsung to Samsung Transfer on your computer and read the instruction below carefully. The steps below can be described in brief as download, connect and transfer. It sounds easy, isn't it?

Now, please download the free trail version below:


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Samsung galaxy A5

Step 1. Launch Phone to Phone Transfer on your PC

Download and install Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer and launch it.

Step 2. Connect the Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy A5 to the PC

After launching Phone to Phone Transfer, connect your Samsung and your Galaxy A5 to the computer via USB cables. 

Step 3. Sync contacts from Samsung to Galaxy A5

Phone to Phone Transfer enables you to transfer contacts, call logs, SMS, call history, pictures, videos, apps, and so forth. You can select what you want to transfer and click "Start Copy". You can check how far the transferring progress goes with the help of the progress bar on the window. After the transferring finish, click "OK" to end.


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