Can I Transfer Data from Samsung to iPhone 6/6 Plus

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Samsung S6 News

Samsung S6 edge 64GB version coming

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 egde provided are listed at the beginning 32GB body memory version, but after Samsung said it will launch a 64GB version for certain large memory market, the price will be in the standard version increase the $ 50 version basis.

Samsung S6 edge 64GB version coming soon to Malaysia

According to foreign media reports, 64GB high-capacity version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 egde region will visit Malaysia in mid-May, the market price of the aircraft in 3599 Malay Malaysian Ringgit (including VAT), or about 6376 yuan . The version of the Samsung S6 egde also have black, white, gold three color options.

Samsung S6 edge 64GB version coming soon to Malaysia

In addition, the gold version of Samsung S6 will soon officially listed recently in Canada. In fact, as early as the Samsung Galaxy S6 it is already listed in Canada on April 10, but was only black and white color options.


Transfer Data from Samsung to iPhone 6/6 Plus

"I am currently using Samsung galaxy S3 and about to get something new. But I am not sure how to copy all my data (songs, contacts, messages, etc.) to the new phone, iPhone 6. If there is any method to move Samsung data to iPhone 6, please inform me. Yeah, one more thing, I want to move the files directly and with no complex steps."

Phone to Phone Transfer, as the name implies, can help you to transfer your precious data, including photos, videos text messages, contacts, music, call logs, apps, etc. are all transferrable. No matter you use which phone brand, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Blackberry and even Symbian phone such as Nokia. Sounds great, isn't it?

Next is the video for transfer All Data from Samsung to iPhone 6/6 Plus:

Just so easy, right? Then you can download the free trail version below and have a try:


Steps to transfer data from Samsung to iPhone 6/6 Plus:

Step1. Run Mobile Transfer

When you have installed the app, double click to open it. Soon, the window will pop up, with four modes for you to choose from. We are to select the blue one, "Phone to Phone transfer".

Step 2: Connect both your Samsung and iPhone 6 to the computer

You might need two USB cables to connect both devices to your computer. The software might not show anything about the devices at first since it will automatically detect them and when it is done, both your Samsung galaxy and iPhone 6/6 Plus will be displayed at its interface separately as source and target device.

Step 3. Transfer Samsung data to iPhone

Having all the data in Samsung detected, you can choose the data you like and start the program by clicking "Star Copy". It will take some times, when it stops working, you will find data in Samsung are placed in your new iPhone 6.


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