Samsung Note 5 new skills Support: write a PDF document

If no accident, after two months we will see samsung. The next new flagship Galaxy Note 5, although there are Note 5 protect shell exposure, but improve the current news about the machine in the system function is very limited.
However, from the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) information display, samsung may add handwritten in Note 5 this new handsets function PDF document.(Moving Photos, Videos from Samsung Note to Note 5)

This feature allows the user in the PDF document to add the information such as words, pictures and edited document is saved.We know that the flagship of the samsung Galaxy Note series is one of intelligent S Pen stylus, so the new function about PDF documents are likely to be added to the S Pen.
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Previous rumoured, samsung Galaxy Note 5 there may be a hyperboloid screen version, so the appearance may be with the Galaxy S6 edge Even closer.Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release time is expected to be in early September, stay tuned.


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