Samsung Note 5‘s Score Of Benchmark Disclosure, May Use Metal panel

Samsung Note 5 in terms of running memory will be upgraded to 4GB, has a 5.7 inches 2K resolution display, 16 million pixel camera and is equipped with the latest S-Pen stylus.

Perhaps the reason is the upcoming Samsung GALAXY Note 5 recent frequent exposure on the network. After the United States aircraft carrier Verizon customized version leaked to run sub-score and part of the configuration, the French website Nowhereelse again released a prototype of the machine spy, and confirmed that Samsung does not pop up automatically add functionality to S-Pen stylus, while mobile phone Samsung GALAXY S6 shape is very similar, but it seems the front panel metal material, looks a rather unique.

Run sub-score exposure

Samsung GALAXY Note 5 had already had a US carriers Spinrt version SM-N920p exposure, the information is then displayed in the feature memory only 3GB, but support for memory expansion. And now, according to information released GeekBench test database, the aircraft's customized version of the SM-N920v Verizon loaded is Exynos7420 eight-core processor, and includes a 1418 single-threaded, multi-threaded run sub-score 4399 Samsung GALAXY S6 is also relatively close ʱ??

However, Verizon customized version of the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 to upgrade the memory to 4GB of memory, not only has a more ample space to run the program, and may use LPDDR4 memory, not only in performance more fluid, but also have lower power consumption. Of course, GeekBench data sometimes may not be the final retail version of the specification is expected to Samsung GALAXY Note 5 are more likely with a new processor, after all, this has been a traditional practice GALAXY Note series.

Missed the S-Pen automatically eject function

According to previous leaked information display, the Samsung GALAXY Note 5 will first load the new Exynos 7422 processor, this processor has not yet been released, but allegedly using a single-chip solution (EPOP), the main feature is the CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and LTE module integrated in a single chip, it is possible to save space inside the phone. In addition, rumors that opportunity with 5.7 inches 2K resolution touch screen, and is equipped with 500-megapixel front camera, as the main camera, compared with 16 million pixels, supports optical image stabilization feature.

It is worth mentioning that the automatic pop-up for the machine's handwriting, South Korean media Ddaily then broke the news that the Samsung GALAXY Note 5 will not be using the automatic pop-S -Pen stylus function, mainly due to the edge of the phone there is a certain radian To achieve S-Pen automatic pop-up, the user is not able to bring much convenience. Meanwhile according to the latest release of the French Nowhereelse engineering machine spy photos also show that the aircraft stylus does not have this feature, users still need to remove the S -Pen stylus to use nails.

May use metal panels

While South Korean news media Ddaily previously disclosed, the alleged Samsung GALAXY Note 5 is designed to draw on existing Samsung GALAXY S6, including the glass cover, built-in battery and so on. From the front of the French site exposure spy photos, the Samsung seems to use a metal front panel design for this cross-border flagship handle ultra-narrow border is really impressive. However, it is not certain that the official version of the machine will use this design, after all, this practice is rare in the industry.

In addition, Samsung GALAXY Note5 reportedly will be equipped with 4100 mA battery, and with wireless charging function, WPC and PMA-compatible wireless charging standard, provides a black, white, silver and gold and other four color style choices. According to foreign news media, he said the latest disclosure, the Samsung GALAXY Note 5 will release in New York on August 12 or August 13, and then officially started selling around August 21, but it is unclear specific sales price.

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