Samsung Note 5 big upgrade processor But not the 4 k panel

Samsung the next generation of flagship Galaxy Note 5 is expected to IFA debut in a 2015 exhibition, with the approaching of the exhibition opening time, the flagship news also gradually more up.And not just Samsung Note 5, Samsung, new Galaxy S6 edge Plus relevant details have also been exposed.
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New news that Samsung Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge Plus will use a 5.7 -inch Super AMOLED display, the screen resolution to 2 k levels.At the same time, the two phones will offer four color black, white, gold, silver for optional.In addition, Note 5 (SM - N920) will use the flat panel displays, the Galaxy S6 edge Plus (SM - G928) will adopt a hyper boloid screen.Allegedly, two new handsets are glass backboard, like Samsung S6 Duo, so their batteries or sealed, may also have no micro SD card slot.(Moving Whatsapp Messages from Samsung to Galaxy S6 Note)

As a flagship machine, of course, the two phones will have more of the following key.Allegedly, Samsung Note 5 Project code-named "Project Noble", it is expected to pick up the Samsung home Exynos 7422 processor.The processor than Exynos 7420 on performance has very big upgrade, and even can be said to be unprecedented.It will be three flag first ePoP integration solutions, to 64 eight core CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM and Shannon LTE base band integrated together.
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While the samsung Galaxy S6Edge of the internal Project code-named "Project Zen", the machine will carry Xiao dragon 808 processor, built-in 32 gb ROM, equipped with 5 million pixels front-facing camera, and 16 million pixels optical image stabilization, camera support 4 k frequency recording.At the same time, it's still running Android 5.1.1 lollipop system with storage options, the original image battery capacity is 3000 mah.Rumours that it will repair the Touch Wiz memory problems that exist in the system.
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Samsung Note 5, but unfortunately, will not have 4 k screen version, and the rumours before Exynos 7430 processor is only in the test will be conducted on the samples, not really on the Samsung Note 5 is implemented.

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