Tizen Xinji Identified as Samsung Z3 Seems to Be no Bright Spot

Know Tizen system must have few net friend, attention and to pick up Tizen systemsamsungZ1The net friend is a handful of interest.However, samsung is still on the Tizen system.According to foreign media reports, recently rumours of samsung Tizen, new sources have been identified as samsungZ33.0 system, run the Tizen.(Restore Whatsapp Chat History from Galaxy Note to Samsung S6)

Allegedly, for unknown reasons, samsung just skip the samsung Z2 The decision to launch samsung Z3.But look from the current information, in addition to a more upset than WP system, samsung Z3 is not unique.Samsung Z1 with super low with impressive, 4 inches 800 x 480 screen + 512 RAM is bright.
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Foreign media reported that samsung Z3 will use 5 inch screen, carrying Xiao dragon 410 processor, equipped with 1 gb of RAM + 8 gb extensible storage space.In addition, the machine will lead 2 million + 5 million pixels rear camera, equipped with 2000 mah battery, run Tizen 3.0 system.

It is said that samsung Z1 than with configuration Android Mobile phone is fluent, sales is good, small make up or slightly surprised.But small make up that today Android Mobile phone on hardware already dumped samsung Z1 and Z3 dozens of street, system optimization also gradually improve, the optional model is more abundant, samsung Z3 small upgrades for the Android may with no eggs.

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