Samsung's ultra-clear screen Note 5 or 4K display configuration

According to foreign media reports, Samsung has recently said that in 2015 it is developing ultra-clear display screens used in mobile phones on a resolution of up to 2160 × 3840 (4K level), more than 700ppi pixel density also. Foreign media predicted that this year, Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note Galaxy Note 5 series of new machines are likely configuration of this 4K resolution display.

Samsung Note Edge

Message from the display supplier, said last year, Samsung's ultra-high-definition display (UHD Super AMOLED) has been in preparation, in August this year, is expected to begin mass production. According to this point of time to judge, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in September, when there might spend ultra high-definition display.

Samsung Note 5 or 4K display configuration

Earlier rumors that Samsung Note 5 of the screen will do the upgrade compared to the previous generation, the one-sided curved screen to upgrade to dual curved screen, the screen size may also increase. In addition, although we have no more news about the machine, but Samsung Note 5 may have been enhanced in many ways.


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