Full keyboard Samsung S6 edge Plus

August 13 Samsung Galaxy new conference in sight, broke the news about the Samsung S6 edge Plus constantly. This is not well-known abroad broke the news peopleevleaks and drying out of a Samsung S6 edge Plus photograph, surprising is that the machine actually is equipped with a full keyboard!
(Moving Data from Samsung to Samsung)

From the figure, the Samsung S6 edge Plu equipped with a full keyboard case, at first glance quite wonderful, Made really quite wonderful! Moment full touch screen phone is busy modeling momentum, both from the color value considerations, or for the sake of practicality, full keyboard Samsung S6 edge Plus are so small make difficult to accept.(Moving Contacts from Galaxy S4 to S6)

Foreign media said do not yet determined the full keyboard case is Samsung official or third-party vendors to build, but because of the full keyboard housing below the navigation keys and Samsung smart machines before physical buttons shape is quite similar, it is more likely the former point.
Samsung S6 edge Plus officially unveiled shortly put, If there were to launch a full keyboard accessories, whether you have this full keyboard Samsung S6 edge Plus it love at first sight?

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