Samsung S7 or carry Xiaolong 820 processor early next year release

These days Samsung Galaxy S7 message suddenly rich, and now there are rumors that Samsung S7 or carry Xiaolong 820.

Samsung S7 code-named "Jungfrau", thanks to improved project management processes (code-named "Agile"), the product development speed seems faster than the previous generation of 1-2 months, in short, there are indications that Samsung might S7 early 2016 debut.(How to Moving Contacts from Samsung to Samsung)

In addition, the exposure of users of Android M update schedule display, codenamed "Jungfrau" The device will be powered by Snapdragon MSM8896 processor, also known as Xiao Long 820. Of course, Samsung will not abandon its own processor, so in short, there will still be two processors Samsung S7 version, release time earlier than ever before.