Samsung Note 5 Posted: S6 combination with Note 4

August 13 news, tonight 11:00 held in New York in 2015 Galaxy series of new conference, Samsung officially announced the fifth generation of note equipment --Galaxy Note 5. The device can be described as a mixture of Galaxy S6 and Note 4 of shapes and sizes are familiar with.

In the configuration, the Samsung Note 5 still uses 5.7 inches Super AMOLED screen, with Note 3 and Note 4 the same screen size, resolution up to 2K level; It also equipped with Samsung's Exynos 7420 64 Bit 14 autonomous nano-eight-core processor, with Samsung S6 same; built-in 4G memory run B + 32GB / 64GB ROM (not 128GB choice). The aircraft is equipped with 3000 mA battery, Note 4 battery is slightly smaller than last year, but its support wireless charging and fast charging technology.
Taking pictures, Note 5 16 megapixel still OIS rear camera, front camera 5 million, the same as with the Samsung S6.

Design, aircraft design and materials with the Samsung S6 is very similar, is still around double glass design, sturdy metal frame. For water, the aircraft battery is not removable, no microSD card slot. The machine runs on Android 5.1 lollipop depth customization system, the Samsung TouchWiz interface.
Note5 still equipped with Samsung S Pen stylus, but its stylus longer than before, look better, it supports scrolling intercept long chart function, Samsung said its pressure-sensitive pen and writing functions promoted.
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Samsung Note 5 now on will open in four major US carriers now, officially listed on August 21, more than the previous release in Note equipment and time to market has been ahead of schedule. The aircraft did not disclose the price, but estimated that the front-generation Note 4 consistent.
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Comment: In order to avoid upcoming iPhone 6s series edge, such as about the Samsung Note 5 release and time to market ahead of schedule. From the conference to the situation we can see, the Samsung Note 5 or combine to Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 some advantages, but also become more compact than the previous generation, Note 5, Samsung will undoubtedly become the best in the history of a Note equipment. However, some people unfortunately, is not equipped with the new Note Force Touch pressure touch technology, which reportedly will be the new features of Apple's new flagship Huawei 6s series and other new aircraft will be equipped with Samsung Note 5 in the new competition I am afraid, some negative.

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