The Reviews Of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +

Samsung GALAXY S6 edge +, this is equipped with a double curved screen hunk has replaced Note 5 of the potential to become a large-screen market, Samsung new weapons.

Conference last week almost no suspense, Samsung according to "rumors" said released two large-screen phone. But so I did not think that, once a day for the Samsung lay Note 5 is no longer the absolute protagonist conference, contrary GALAXY S6 edge +, this is equipped with a double curved screen hunk has replaced Note 5 of the potential to become Samsung large-screen market new weapons.

It's no wonder, Note Samsung opened a large-screen phone market, but also to the global mobile phone manufacturers realized that they had in view, "crazy right" product is with such a huge market demand. Five years, all the mobile phone manufacturers are beginning to abandon the small screen products to enter the large-screen mobile phone, even when the cynical Apple iPhone 6+ now also come up with such a product. Less bloated and innovative Android camp's overall mobile phone industry has led to a growing number of vendors have the ability to want to seek a breakthrough, with strong support of Samsung supply chain and home accessories, so Samsung have capital out double curved screen + completely independent of the core hardware products to respond to market changes. So S6 edge + replace Note 5 big screen this year's flagship product, also seems reasonable.

Innovation has always been a double-edged sword, however, when people see the changes in the Samsung smartphone, the supply chain market also saw Samsung short board in the screen, and after the introduction of S6 edge Samsung forecast sales of this product insufficient, plus double curved screen can yield climbing encounter difficulties, resulting in just the past quarter, Q2, Samsung did not give an exciting answer. With the production ramp is completed, and the hyperboloid gradual improvement in the system optimization, S6 edge + became possible to help turn the tide of Samsung products in the high-end market. But S6 edge + in the end how well, compared to S6 edge, there has been changed? Speak with the evaluation.

If the lack of green, is no small regret

In fact, this is something I have been aware at the time of the press conference before Samsung New York conference, we see the experience machine, S6 edge + four colors, namely, white, gold, black and silver new entrants, and released in China licensed, and only three color gold silver and white. Obviously, lake blue and dark green two unconventional new color from the current point of view and the information has not been retained Samsung, I do not know what the reason, but if Samsung really decided to take them from the current color of the product off, it had said it was a pity.

You can S6 edge + seen as an enlarged version of the S6 edge, because they are almost exactly the same on the phone appearance and overall proportions. S6 edge + will expand the screen size to 5.7 inches, the screen share also rose from the previous 71.7% to 75.6% (gsmarena data). But even so, Samsung still can be the phone's measurements and weight control within a reasonable range, 154.4x75.8x6.9 mm, body measurements and 153 grams of weight makes the phone feel good overall.

I got is a relatively early engineering prototype, please ignore various ridiculous symbols and coded phone. But after careful study of the details of the phone, I was on the S6 edge + found some different before and S6 edge to them out.

The first is a very easy to change to be found, the metal box. Although S6 edge + because the relationship between the double curved screen, the metal box in a rough shape and there is no difference before, but in the middle frame portion of the top and bottom of the original Samsung arc-shaped metal frame made some changes in the middle increase a ridge, and before the upper and lower frame design as S6.

Secondly Samsung S6 edge + infrared emitter on the canceled top of the fuselage, which is not even on the engineering prototype, has also been confirmed by the official website of the picture, it is before our friends live there in the tangle of people have no infrared,We can accept the practical facts.

The third change is positive. S6 edge + This finally became a dual card dual standby mobile phone, before a lot of people entangled hyperbolic screen phone is only a SIM card slot, and as body size increases, so S6 edge + also has two slot design. After testing, I get this S6 edge + is a full Netcom dual 4G phones.

Because the overall body shape and design and its predecessor exactly the same, so a lot of people are concerned about projecting lens problem in this phone has not improved and optimized. However, in the evaluation S6 edge before when I said, and placed in the back of the phone on the table, because of the lens outside plated contact strip convex, so the lens does not directly contact with the desktop, resulting in unnecessary wear and tear.

Overall S6 edge + change in appearance is minimal change are some of the overall feel is not much on the details of the changes. Screen increases and did not let the size of this phone is too expanded, while the weight of the body is also controlled well. Double curved screen problems caused by the side of the box is too narrow, resulting in poor feel when a single hand grip, which will be reflected in the S6 edge, edge + nor good to go, the fuselage back cover glass for fingerprints The resistance is zero, before I took the camera phone vigorous rubbing for a long time. Bilateral screen surface to prevent inadvertently added functionality, so the phone in a single hand grip operations, it does not have too many problems.

Double curved screen adds a new feature

Under the same premise 2K resolution, S6 edge + the screen expanded to 5.7 inches, although ppi decline from the previous 577 to 518, but still much higher than the so-called "retina level" and therefore do not need to worry too much on-screen display delicate issue degrees. Using super AMOLED plus screen material S6 edge + did not, in effect, before the product is displayed there is no difference.

Bilateral curved screen of bare metal and S6 edge before without any difference, the difference is that Samsung will upgrade the software part of the sidebar software shortcut is added to the phone up, the user can hide the side of the screen slider fast exhaled shortcut menu. And contacts, the Program shortcuts have five positions, you can add all APP including third-party software, including your phone. In addition to the curved screen before features, including quick contacts, call side screen flash, sidebar screen state interest and nighttime clock functions are preserved intact.

Explain a lot of problems people are concerned about, after nubia Z9 out, no border design was a lot of people concerned, because Z9 itself through the outer glass refraction effect achieved without Borders visual display actually dead (in the side edges of the screen will be deformed) so many people think S6 edge + will have a similar problem. But in fact you can see from the picture, S6 edge + is there borders and BM zone, it does not take the form of a block in the form of folding LCD screen BM zone design, the visual is not deformed first.

While this screen is not only outside the 4th generation of Gorilla Glass is curved, inside the liquid crystal panel is curved, so the outside of the glass will fit, so that the whole does not appear distorted basically looks at any angle. This is also the Samsung Screen biggest killer, and S6 edge + the so-called innovations are derived from this screen.

4GB brings what?

S6 edge + is Samsung's first date with a 4GB of memory to run mobile phones, despite being Asus ZenFone2 grab the opportunities, but with respect to the more niche terms Asus, Samsung is clearly on the hardware upgrades affect more far-reaching, and 4GB memory on this layer of paper windows, inside seemed to next year in the second half year's time, to be completely pierce.

Strictly speaking, the relationship between computer instruction set, large memory more than 4GB on 64-bit instruction set of the system in order to be correct and complete identification, so mobile phone processor upgrade to 64 after running the memory capacity is not the ceiling, more memory can be added at any time the phone up. But taking into account the cost of hardware issues such as overcapacity and life, it has been a lot of large memory manufacturers want but not easy to do. Samsung S5 when it was released came to use 4GB of memory, but until today to spend, should also have to consider these aspects.

However, because of problems Android itself back mechanism, leading to the next even then large memory, pure system will be occupied by half or more of memory, while the Linux kernel plus "abnormal" memory management mechanism, so that even how we better use of this phone, continuous open multiple applications simultaneously running time, memory will be stretched. Take S6 edge +, the power system under pure remaining memory 1.8GB, only 45% of the remaining space, and in the micro-channel operations, hand-Q, microblogging, music, web pages these five applications, system memory footprint of 81%, which which contains the system background applications, such as weather widget, time, etc.

Back to the phone up, 4GB of memory to run for S6 edge + help is definitely bigger than 3GB, no doubt about that, but the Android kernel itself and restrict its memory management mechanism can not iOS kind of like "false multitasking" system as The so-called smooth. If you do not tangle Why Android iOS smooth 4GB of 1GB, which can only go to the torture of Google.

Other aspects, Exynos 7420 + UFS2.0 storage for mobile phones is still very good overall experience, which is on the S6 has been fully reflected. More than 67,000 points of security Bunny results are strong enough to prove that the phone hardware.

Slight adjustment system

Basically every Samsung launched its flagship product, the system updates will even keep up with the + on the bottom of the system used in the edge is Android 5.1.1, UI continues to be Touchwiz.

However, in the edge + on the the Touchwiz we made some adjustments, mainly on the interface. The most obvious is that the three interface options to adjust the boot after Samsung edge + adds the standard mode without the application menu, in fact, all the program icons are placed on the table, and there is no program screen, used domestically the phone can understand.

Also added some special effects, such as now, when charging aperture bottom of the phone screen will pop-up effect. Under cross-screen mode, press and multitasking button will switch to dual mode.

Many people are concerned about the problem of software pre-installed I do not give the answer, because I got the edge + is not the final retail version, pre-installed third-party software is currently included as Baidu map, microblogging, Alipay and other applications are possible uninstall. Interestingly, Samsung and Microsoft continue this cooperation in the mainstream edge +, a pre-installed version of Office pre-installed on the mobile phone, of course, it is also can be uninstalled.

Macro lens or an island, but has significantly improved cast

And S6 edge, like Samsung S6 edge + lens module is still used by 16 million pixels f1.9 aperture lens with Sony IMX 240 sensor, and joined the active image stabilization and HDR feature in real time.

Long stroke motors continue to be followed prior to use, cause the lens is still a lot to highlight the phone back, which is a lot of people regarded as S6 edge + appearance most unacceptable design.

Other aspects, edge + maintained a consistently high level, especially in the night aspect of the performance of almost no one in the current mobile phone out of his right. Noise and color temperature control are good, basically to shoot at night when the big scene, edge + can bring my wonderful experience.

Self-respect Samsung front of the 5 million pixel camera is F1.9 aperture for taking pictures in low light conditions more favorable, often choose sister in the house when the self-timer light are relatively good, large aperture helps to enhance the amount of light ʱ?? As for the self-effect Well ...... I do not understand, or plug the sister who it ~

Battery not replaceable

S6 start, Samsung's flagship machines can not replace the battery, although this thing for like the iPhone users simply do not care, but for the old users, Samsung is indeed such a change Zaoxin of.

But it is clear that Samsung also very helpless in this matter, if the plastic back shell to be replaceable battery, someone will criticize; if, as now to be a glass back, battery built-in, or someone will call. Not about people, simply follow the crowd or children now.

3000 mA when the battery for a large-screen phone is indeed not large, S6 edge piece of time before the 2600 mA battery test when I was frightened. Luckily edge + five hours of battery life test results were good. The remaining 31% can be considered worthy of 2K screen and 4GB of memory on such a large eat electricity.

Fast charging and wireless charging still been extended for use in edge + body, but only to the evaluation machine a machine, charging cable, wireless charging pad what are not, I could not test, talk about it later.