Note 5 rally is proof big screen Samsung Seven good reasons

In earlier years there will be people in the phone screen what is big or small, good and good debate about it, but the small screen since the proponents of Apple have launched a large-screen iPhone, this debate will gradually not the sound ʱ?? However, you have wondered why the big phone easier to use it? To give the upcoming Samsung Note 5 campaign, Samsung has brought seven reasons, the following everybody agree?

1, Crisper pictures: the camera when, whether the self-timer, focus, or add filters, large-screen phone has a broader vision and operating space.

2, Video Gengshuang: Nothing to record media such as photographs can be better than the video at life bit by bit, when a large video screen easier to operate, and when editing video, and other touch operation performed when dragging large screen clearly easier to operate.

3. Read the crisper and more efficient: in reading, large-screen phone is able to display more content, eliminating the trouble of constantly scrolling. Large-screen phone can also split-screen operation, while watching movies or novels, chatting, greatly improving efficiency. Meanwhile, the big screen can reduce eye fatigue, experience better.

4, Write messages and send a message when Gengshuang: big screen big keyboard even for thick fingers of the user, can easily enter text, and not as the same point the wrong button on the small screen.

5, Office cool: large-screen phone with a stylus can do to meet the memo, add comments or draw diagrams and other work requirements. In addition, large-screen phone, and notes application with the timely sharing of ideas can also enhance collaboration.

6, Cinema Gengshuang: This almost obvious now.

7, Play games Gengshuang: big screen game more realistic picture, gaming buttons and controls more easier to operate and easier to get a high score in the game, able to show off is very cool.

Samsung said the seven big screen is a good reason, I do not know whether you choose a firm commitment to Samsung Note 5 it? Xiao Bian personally think that large-screen phone is the future trend, but too big to lose the advantage of portability, the experience but not good. Look at the iPad in the mobile phone sector regarded as "the boss" of the bar, but it may be enjoyed now carry mobile phones treatment?

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