Samsung's New Patent: Galaxy S7 Will Support The Holographic Display Technology

Recently, the US Patent and Trademark Office officially announced the Samsung in the third quarter of 2014, the application of a patented 3D holographic display technology, the future, or will be imported handsets.

Samsung's smart phone screen to explore never seems to stop the pace of change, it is now when we still lamenting Samsung S6Edge bilateral visual impact arc screen, and its extremely good color on time, the latest in a black & Samsung mobile phone screenIt has been exposed.

Android Authority According to foreign media reports, according to the US Patent and Trademark Office information display, Samsung in the third quarter of 2014, applied for a patent 3D holographic display technology, today officially announced. However, the above-mentioned holographic display, not your work in film and television, or other high-tech products have seen.

According to the patent documents show that the mobile equipment used are ordinary body and screen. A light guide module will be placed below the screen, the phone's display panel, advance presets holographic image source and the light guide through the control module, targeted and selective to illuminate, so that on the phone screen holographic projection image display. However, subject to space the phone number of the holographic image is not much, and the image is relatively small.

From the above description, you may also see a number of shortcomings of the technology, that content must be pre-set in advance, which is only able to display a fixed static content, dynamic content can not be displayed. For smart phones, then perhaps mainly be used for telephone, mail, tips and other information, but this notice way is absolutely cool enough.

Exposure to the final document from the patent technology products to market often have to wait a very long time, despite the use of new patents Samsung is always very bold, but it is unclear whether this patent will put Samsung Galaxy smartphone in use, will it be Samsung Galaxy S7?