Interpretation 2015 I / O Assembly: Small in Google's

Science and technology development company, also points size, there are peaks, there is a flat road, and troughs. If in previous years the Google I / O compared to this year's General Assembly is indeed slightly dull. Everyone is looking forward to a great company can release a landmark new products, like the Macbook Air that Steve Jobs withdrawn from the envelope, like that of Google released Google glasses helicopter parachuting first perspective, like Microsoft this year Post holographic glasses HoloLens Guards black technology.

But technology giants can not change the world every year, Jobs would not be able times and shake the world. In addition to those disruptive product highlights bumper debut, released in small products may be more related to the actual experience of consumers, related to the smooth progress of the technology giant's overall strategy. This year's Google I / O, officially committed to improving the practical experience of the Android platform, and improve the humane and intelligent current service level, trying to dominate the competition with Apple and future strategic plan.

Take a brief look at this year's Google I / O in the end which was released product: function more perfect Android M , more streamlined application rights management, smarter battery life management, the introduction of Google paid Android Pay, added fingerprinting management, the introduction of new Data Interface Type-C, embedded links can be opened directly related to the application; smarter Google Now , you can learn the user's smart scene search anticipation, such as friends filed a restaurant in a text message, Google Now can be displayed directly Restaurants information; cross-platform photo management application Google Photos , offer free unlimited storage capacity for photo intelligently classified according to time, place, people, support the text search photo content; function more practical wearable platform Android Wear , support vehicles and other watches direct call Practical scene.

In addition, Google also released from the Android Brillo networking platform , connected by a Weave dialogue mechanism with the phone and the cloud, lower hardware requirements for a variety of networking equipment;supports offline search and navigation of Google Maps , you can save no network traffic and applies to the situation. At the same time, the Internet giant also introduced a low-cost follow-up case easy VR equipment Carboard, Wifi Network Project Project Loon balloons and unmanned aerial vehicles and other items.

It is clear that this year's Google I / O is more constantly improve the existing platform, products and services, the actual experience of searching through large data and machine learning methods, to increase this to excellent products and services, intelligent degree. Google senior vice president with the product Sandahl · leather guess (Sundar Pichai) words, "search and organize information exactly Google are good at."

Perhaps right now Google, with its commercial prospects are uncertain adventure publish cutting-edge technology projects, not as existing products and services continue to improve user experience, especially for the mobile business the cornerstone of the Android platform.

Overall, the Google Android platform, the situation is excellent, undisputed dominance. IDC data show that, Android last year, accounting for the global smart phone market share was 81.5%, far higher than Apple ranked second 14.8%.Android annual shipments of more than 1 billion, with more than 400 manufacturers, more than 500 operators in more than 4000 kinds of devices.

However, changes in the market segments of view, if appears after Apple's big-screen iPhone, perhaps Google and Android's high-end manufacturers will obviously feel the pressure. The same is IDC's data, last year's big-screen iPhone before Apple released the second quarter, Android global market share is 85%, while it has been a sharp decline in the fourth quarter to 76%, while Apple's share of 11.7 per cent over the same period but never soared to 19.7 %. Surprisingly, the fourth quarter of last year Apple Samsung shipments actually tied for the first time to become the world market and China market top. The Android mobile phone sales growth of more low-end products come from, especially the rise of Chinese manufacturers.

Even more embarrassing is that Google, Android Smart Watch is out of the seven, global sales last year, but only 70 million units, still less than the predetermined amount of the first day of this year Apple Apple Watch 100 million.(This is not the kind of domestic mobile phone manufacturers a lot of reservation quantity of water, but the actual payment data.)

Why Apple lagged the market two years after the big-screen iPhone, they can easily overwhelm Samsung in the high-end market, not even in the developed markets of China have occupied the first place? Apple's hardware has been non despised rivals when the advantage of iPhone 4, Apple's hardware index on the far lower than the Android camp are even competitors. Perhaps the biggest reason is that Apple has iOS this moat, as long as the hardware can be more than seven out of Android hardware products on experience.

For a long time, Android occupy the mainstream of the advantage of massive hardware manufacturers, choose a variety of models and a variety of price options.The rise of China is relying on the strategic intelligence vendors to China's huge market and low-priced high-profile. The iPhone In addition to the advantage of brand value, the greater the advantage of iOS platform, Jobs left the iOS platform has closed, but the inherent advantages of a single-threaded better user experience. iPhone's battery capacity is far less than the same level of Android flagship, even only half of the latter, but the battery life but did not have a huge gap.

Android application improvement authorization platform power saving status, fingerprint identification systems integration, adding mobile payment services; yes, today Google released the Android M platform is based on the original defect continues to improve, make Android phones more smoother, safer , more power, in a bid to narrow the gap iOS system level, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of hardware products. In fact, Google has been working on this for two years to improve the inherent problems of Android, Android 4.4 mode switch on ART significantly improves the Caton system problems.

In this sense, this year's Google I / O in a small annual perhaps have greater significance. Because improvement relative to the actual experience of Android iOS and Android platform to the future and lay a solid foundation to help Android manufacturers in the high-end market to win back the big screen Apple iPhone easily grab the ground.

On the other hand, this year, Google also introduced to support offline Google maps, more human Google Now, cross-platform photo application Google Photos.The original cross-platform service is the traditional advantages of Google's location, even if Apple's mobile phone sales surge, Google is still the most popular software on the Apple platform and cloud service providers. This advantage no other manufacturer can challenge. Former US Top Ten Mobile mobile applications, Google is an occupy five seats.

It is worth mentioning that, Google Photos free unlimited full cross-platform, this year is entirely Gmail impact play. When Yahoo and Microsoft are still a few MB mailbox capacity when Google launched in April Fool's Day and 1GB free storage Gmail service, and it would shock the entire mailbox industries. Today's Google Photos precisely the same logic, better functionality and more cross-platform, completely free and unlimited storage capacity, this new application will undoubtedly impact current personal cloud storage service, affecting Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and many other industries opponent.

Intelligent home as the representative of things is obviously a hot future competition, Apple, Intel, Qualcomm and many other giants have all been deployed. Google released this year Brillo networking platform is also true, with more than 10 million users and a large number of partners, Google Android future will probably have the same market share in the field of intelligent home networking and physical, because the smart phone to control this emerging field center.

Cardboard clean simple VR equipment is based on Google Android user characteristics tailored, released a year get 100 million users. The equipment cost is extremely low compared to other professional VR equipment, it is very easy to get a lot of popularity, get massive user, driven application developers follow-up, and again urge equipment manufacturers to launch quasi-professional and professional equipment. As unmanned vehicles, high-altitude balloons to provide network these projects, there is not a short time away from commercialization, more is Google used to show a symbol of the strength of their own future.

In summary, even though Google has not released this year's impressive black technology and new products, but the 2015 Google I / O on the Google Android user still has important significance: improve the experience Android platform from the root, narrowing the iOS system-level gap, while strengthening their own Internet service advantages, a strong impact photo cloud storage industry, the strategic layout of Things.


Analysis of Google conference is finished, but the heart out of a lingering word "natural and egg" ...... so many products and services announced today, Android Wear, Brillo, Google Photos, Google Maps, Google Now are and domestic nothing. Probably only after a new platform Android M are various manufacturers changed beyond recognition (many interface is more like iOS), removed the Google service to reach the domestic users.