Samsung, or push the big-screen version S6 edge of the screen to upgrade to 5.5 inches

[ Abstract ] This news sources also confirmed Note 5 will be powered by a new processor performance than the 45 percent increase S6.

Tencent Digital News (light blue) although Samsung executives denied the GALAXY Note 5 will be released ahead of the news, but all kinds of revelations about the aircraft continues. Recently, the news from foreign websites SamMobile exclusive disclosed that subsequent versions of the Samsung GALAXY Note edge from the past codename "Project Zen" was renamed "Project Zero 2", but do not have the S Pen stylus function, it may be expected big-screen version of the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge. Meanwhile Samsung GALAXY Note 5 and also for the "Project Zero 2" launched a new protective cover, provided detachable keyboard attachment.

Codenamed renamed

Prior SamMobile has revealed GALAXY Note edge of the follow-up version, code-named "Project Zen", in the configuration is slightly lower than GALAXY Note 5. And now, this new machine often broke the Samsung website again exclusive news that Samsung insiders have "Project Zen" codenamed renamed "Project Zero 2", As for the phone model for the SM-G928, but does not have the GALAXY Note Series S Pen stylus function, so this also means that the machine looks more like GALAXY S6 edge of the big screen version.

Although it is unclear whether the use of such Samsung final design, but at least from a development code for, "Project Zero 2" with such a name apparently codenamed "Project Zero" Samsung GALAXY S6 series there is a big origin, There may be a variant version of the GALAXY S6 launch. Prior to this, SamMobile also once said "Project Zen" will be GALAXY S6 variant models, but subsequently claimed the aircraft for the Samsung GALAXY Note edge of subsequent releases.

Or GALAXY Round 2

It is worth noting that, due to the "Project Zero 2" rumor will be equipped with 5.5 inches touch screen, and is equipped Xiaolong 808 processor with 16 million pixels Optical Image Stabilizer lens and 32GB of storage capacity, so 5.1 inches and has a double curve side of the screen The GALAXY S6 edge compared to seem bigger touch screen in addition, in the configuration does not have more features, and even processor specifications even more inferior, and therefore there are users on the microblogging speculation "Project Zero 2 "There may be GALAXY Round 2, which is curved screen phone Samsung's second-generation products.

In addition, the had already spread GALAXY Note series will not continue last year's policy, only GALAXY Note 5 such a flagship model, instead of a configuration identical curved screen GALAXY Note 5 edge available. So, if the news is true, then it means that "Project Zero 2" does not GALAXY Note series models, the possibility of being part of a larger series launched GALAXY S6.

Note 5 with mongoose CPU

According to the micro-Bo broke the news, he said that this "Project Zero 2" will have a number of models, including the SM-G928F, SM-G928V, SM-G928A, SM-G928S, etc., so it should be for the European and US market . At the same news source also confirmed that the same code name "Project Noble" The models are equipped with "Mongoose" (Mongoose) "processor, which means that the Samsung GALAXY Note 5 is indeed possible to load upgrade Exynos 7420 models, the performance than the Exynos 7420 Processor up to 45%.

In addition, SamMobile also said Samsung GALAXY Note 5 and "Project Zero 2" will have a dedicated Clear View and S View protective sleeve launched, and provides keyboard input, it is possible to use the new detachable design, can provide users with to a better experience.