Samsung surge capacity curved screen

Although Samsung Galaxy Note Edge as early as September 2014 has adopted the curved screen, but the most successful or Samsung released in 2015 S6 Edge . While the S6 Edge launch time is not long, but according to South Korean media ETNews that Samsung until September of this year there will be a curved screen machines introduced, with a look!

Allegedly, Samsung S6 edge current production has been difficult to meet the needs of users, Samsung had to strive to enhance the capacity of the screen surface to achieve 10 million before the end of each month (initially 1.0 million) production target section S6 edge of.However, South Korean media ETNews revealed that Samsung S6 edge currently only 3 million per month, which obviously can not meet the strong demand for users.

Samsung galaxy s6 edge

Before the media speculation, Samsung under a curved screen phone will be in this fall and Note 5 released together Note Edge, now it seems with variables. Allegedly, thanks to the successful application of new technologies, Samsung has the ability to greatly enhance the curved screen capacity. South Korean media ETNews that Samsung will be released in September will release a curved screen machines to meet the needs of users and a new generation before Note 5 Note Edge.

Although on the surface this screen machines still have very reliable sources, but it is worth looking forward to, perhaps in the summer.