How To Transfer Whatsapp History to Samsung S6/S6 Edge

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Samsung Phone News

Japanese users prefer iPhone, Samsung

2015 , Samsung launched the latest generation of its flagship product S6 , the aircraft is a listing of multinational users immediately triggered panic buying. Although overall, the Samsung S6 series triumph in the global market mostly, but it took a plunge in the Japanese market.

BNC Japanese market research firm released data show that Samsung S6 edge ranked 26 in the April 27 to May 3 in the days of the week sales ranking, S6 ranked by others after, in the first row 30. Samsung S6 on sale in Japan in the first week performance can also, ranked No. 10 in the sales rankings, however, a serious decline in the next, slipped to 30th place today.

It should be noted that, in the UK, Samsung S6 series phone sales ranking, but among the top five. S6 and S6 Edge in Germany sales ranking in Amazon's new machine also won second and third place respectively. In the Chinese market, Samsung S5 S6 appointment amounted to four times as much. In the Indian market, Samsung S6 with 40,000 bookings will be only 10,000 bookings S5 thrown far behind. In the US market, Samsung S6 book amounted to more than twice that of the Samsung S5.

Why Samsung S6 will freeze in Japan? Experts say this is because MacArthur Syndrome (MacArthur syndrome), summed up the Japanese user inertia that the West than the East.Japanese smartphone users are more beloved brand mobile phones in Western countries, especially the Apple iPhone, every 10 Japanese mobile phone users, there are six select iPhone, preference is evident. In addition, since Japan and South Korea because of the historical relations disputes cold, anti-Korean sentiment of the Japanese people have high potential, this may be one of the factors causing the Samsung S6 cold case.


How To Transfer Whatsapp History to Samsung S6/S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: The futuristic Smartphone

Korean smartphone giant Samsung could give us the handset we have all waited for eagerly. Yes , we are speaking of the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge, which has been teasing tech junkies for quite some time on the internet. It is expected to be one of the most sought after and successful handsets next year, and it will surely give tough competition to other smartphone giants like HTC, LG, Huawei, Motorolar, Sony and Apple iPhone.

“I need help!!! What trouble me a lot is I recently broken my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I have to buy a new phone to take the place of this smart phone. But what can I do to get my Samsung Galaxy S4 Whatsapp history to my new Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge? Is it possible? These contacts are quite important for me, if I can’t have them back to me, it will cause me a great loss!!!”

Many people buy a new Galaxy S6 edge,However,you need to transfer all value whatsapp history from old Samsung galaxy phone to the new Samsung galaxy S6/S6 edge,or backup Samsung phone contacts to computer.Is there any way to copy all whatsapp history from Samsung to Samsung galaxy S6 or S6 Edge directly? How to backup whatsapp history from Samsung phone to computer? This article teach you a easy way to transfer whatsapp history from iPhone, Android phone to new Samsung galaxy S6/S6 edge or computer.

Indeed, Phone to Phone Transfer can help. It is a time-saving and outstanding transferring program that you can use it to sync your Samsung data like contacts, text messages, whatsapp data, videos, pictures, songs, call logs and apps, and more. You don’t need to know more about some professional knowledge of smart phones, what you need is just to download Mobile Transfer-Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer and read the instruction below carefully. The steps below can be described in brief as download, connect and transfer. It sounds easy, isn’t it?

Note: Mobile Transfer can transfer data from all kinds of mobile phone and to many phones including Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia and iPhone and other popular phones.


Easy steps to transfer/move whatsapp history from any phone to Samsung galaxy s6/s6 edge
Step 1. Launch Mobile Transfer on your PC

Download and install Mobile Transfer on your computer and launch it.

Step 2. Connect your mobile phone and Galaxy S6/S6 Edge to the PC

After launching Mobile Transfer, connect your phone and your Galaxy S6/S6 Edge to the computer via USB cables. The program will automatically detect your two Samsung phones. The contact will be transfer from the source phone (left) to the destination one (right). If you find that they are on the wrong place, you can click “Flip” on the middle of the interface to exchange their place.

Step 3. Transfer whatsapp history to your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge with a click

When two of your phones are detected, all the found data on your source phone will being displayed. Here, you just need to check out the data you want to transfer, not only whatsapp history, but also SMS, contacts, pictures, songs and so on, then click on “Recover” to switch them from the phone to Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge.



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