Transfer Contact from Samsung Duo to Edge

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Samsung News

Samsung Push-sided folding screen

2015, equipped with a curved screen of the Samsung S6 edge so that everyone shines. According to foreign media SamMobile exclusive news that Samsung turn black technology applications to the phone up, and Samsung a code-named Project Valley (also known as Project V) of the new machine will be equipped with double-sided folding screen.(Moving Data from Samsung to Samsung)

Allegedly, Samsung's double-sided folding screen phone, code-named Project Valley (also known as Project V), is still in the early stages of development, and because of its high R & D difficulty, might die at any time. The aircraft will support multi-gesture, you can switch between the two screens. In addition, code-named Project V / Valley of the letters V and canyon morphology similar, it seems to imply that this new machine's screen can be folded up like a V, like.

In fact, on the Samsung foldable screen mobile phone rumors for a long time, but it seems that is still under development, but this black-tech products are unlikely to be released in the near future. But to advance understanding of some always good, then it could achieve it?


Transfer Contact from Samsung Duo to Edge 

The attractive aspects of Samsung Edge are far more than these! Don't you think it very amazing and can't wait to own it? On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy is the most popular Android phone series and it is quite worthy of getting one. In that case, you may have both Samsung Duo and Samsung galaxy Edge at the same time. A problem will come to you - how to share data between the two phones. For example, what when you need to transfer contacts from Samsung Duo to Edge or from Edge to Samsung Galaxy Duo/S6/S5/S4/S3/Note 4/3?

In fact, here is a very useful and professional phone to phone transfer named Mobile Transfer, which can help you transfer not only contacts, but also text messages, photos, videos, music, apps, calendars and many more between Samsung Duo and Samsung Edge in just 1 click. It support almost all iOS, Android and Symbian devices. Now, we offer you free trial version of the program, including Windows and Mac, for you to have a try. You can download it for free and install it on your computer to get ready. Please note we will set Windows version as example.


Best way to transfer contacts from Samsung Duo to Edge:

Step 1. Launch Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer

After installing the downloaded Mobile Transfer, you can launch it and use USB cables to connect your Samsung Duo and Edge to the computer simultaneously.You will see a primary interface of the program like the following picture shows. Just go to the Phone to Phone Transfer window.

Step 2. Connect your Samsung Duo and Edge with computer

Use two USB cables to connect your Samsung Duo and Edge to the computer. After the program detects the two phones, you will see them are displayed as below, source device on the left and the destination one on the right. You can click "Flip" button if you need to change their places.

Step 3. Transfer contacts from Samsung Duo to Edge

Mark those file types like Photos, Videos, Music, Contacts, SMS, Apps, etc. you want to transfer and then click the "Start Copy" to launch the data transferring process from Samsung Duo to Samsung galaxy edge.



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