Red cool Samsung S6 / S6 edge push

China listed less than a month, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge 's heat has not receded. With the American science fiction blockbuster " The Avengers 2 "aggressively, Samsung 's head of marketing department, said recently that Lee Young-hee, Samsung plans to launch two new machines, "a customized version of Iron Man," which version of the fuselage with cool red.

Customized version of the S6 Edge rendering

From Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6 / S6 edge renderings, the red body with Iron Man in the background of the lock screen makes the machine as a whole looks full texture.

Samsung said, Iron Man Edition S6 and S6 will be the first time to market by the end of May or beginning of June this year. In fact, not long ago there is news that Samsung ready to launch a version of The Avengers S6 and S6 edge, but the plan ultimately failed to make the trip.

Customized version of the S6 edge renderings

Although Iron Man Edition S6 and S6 edge of price information has not been announced, but I believe this customized version to some extent, will also be welcomed by many fans.