How to Transfer Calendar from Samsung S4 to S6 Edge

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Samsung News

In Japan, Samsung withdraws its logo Galaxy S6 and S6 edge
Samsung has just taken a terrible decision: in Japan, future smartphones will not be sold under the name of Samsung Galaxy Galaxy only. The name Samsung therefore pass by the wayside.

In Japan, the future Samsung smartphones will not be sold under the Galaxy brand. Instead, the name of the South Korean manufacturer will be replaced with the name of the operators who will offer smartphones to their customers. There will therefore be two different brands: Docomo Galaxy and Galaxy. To go along with this new name, the two Japanese operators will sell Samsung smartphones devoid of any brand logo on the hull.

The first smartphone to benefit from this rebranding in Japan will be the two new flagships of the brand: Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy edge . It is likely that future terminals of the brand, sold in Japan, also see the Samsung brand to disappear in favor of Galaxy. Samsung framework is merely indicated that the Galaxy brand was well established in Japan to explain the new strategy . We imagine that this choice was partly dictated by local operators but could also benefit Samsung. The manufacturer is struggling to enter the Japanese market as the latest smartphone sales figures show a market share of only 5.6% for Samsung against 25% globally. The manufacturer could therefore test a new marketing strategy to try to further penetrate the Japanese market against Apple very present in the country with about 40% market share.

Samsung has quickly sell its inventory of Galaxy and Galaxy S6 S6 edge since the manufacturer has ensured it a few days ago that he could sell 10 million in less than a month.


How to Transfer Calendar from S4 to S6 Edge

Excited about unboxing your new Samsung galaxy S6? Good – half of the job is done; now, let’s finish up the rest.

Did you know that moving calendars from your old phone could be as quick as unboxing the Samsung galaxy S6?

Transfer contacts, calendars and more to your new Galaxy S6 from an old Samsung galaxy mobile phone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone or even an ancient Nokia with ease. Conserve all contact data with Phone to Phone Transfer and the short how-to guides below.

Phone to Phone Transfer, professional transferring software, supports data copying in between both phone to PC and phone to phone. Almost all contents in phones can be transferred. Lately, calendar becomes one of the contents that can be copied through Phone to Phone Transfer as well.

Now, please download the free trail version below and have a try:


How to Transfer Calendar from Samsung S4 to S6 Edge

Step 1. Run the Software and Select Transfer Mode

Locate where you save the  Phone to Phone Transfer  installment, then, double-click to launch the program. When you enter the below interface, press the darker blue block in the left side and confirm "Phone to Phone Transfer" Mode.

Step 2. Plug Android Phones into PC

Connect your phones to PC via USB ports. The program will detect the devices automatically in few seconds.

Step 3. Tranfer Calendar from Samsung to Samsung

Tick the "Calendar" item in the "Select content to copy" column and press "Start Copy". The Transfer Progress window will show you whether the data successfully copied or not.

Note: During the copy progress, not to disconnect either phone!

When the progress finished, click "OK" to end the program.

With Phone to Phone Transfer, you can easily move important calendars from one Android handset to another, instead of typing them in one by one. It's also very simple as the steps introduced above. Why not download it right now?


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