Samsung S6 / Edge today's global user line up for sale

News, April 10 (today) Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge as annual flagship Samsung has officially on sale in more than 20 countries worldwide. According to foreign media reports, Galaxy S6 / S6Edge snapped up by the user, and the scene was no less than the degree of popular Apple users buying iPhone.

Dutch users lining up to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge

Samsung Mobile regulators took a group of users in the port city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands T-Mobile store in front of the queue to buy Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge photos. Although because the process is complicated, curved screen, resulting in insufficient production capacity is limited Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge supply, but did not affect the determination of the eagerly snapped. This Samsung is concerned, is definitely a good news.

It is reported that Galaxy S6 state line version of the upcoming April 17 officially on sale, all Netcom 32GB version 5288 yuan, 5088 yuan telecommunications 32GB version, 32GB 5088 Mobile yuan. Galaxy S6 Edge are all CNC version, 32GB version of the price is 6088 yuan, while the 64GB version of the 6688 yuan.


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