Best Method to Transfer Data Between Samsung galaxy phones

Part 1: Something about Smasung galaxy
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Something about Smasung galaxy

Samsung, how far you've come. The Korean electronics giant has been quietly plugging away at smartphones for a decade, dabbling with Palm and Windows Phone, and its own Java-based quasi-smartphone OS before finding its feet with its first round of Galaxy S phones.

It was the Galaxy S II, though, that led Samsung to truly break out in the U.S. The Galaxy S II was released under that name on three out of four major wireless carriers, which meant that Samsung could start powerful marketing campaigns around the phone. Once the Galaxy S III came out as the "anti-iPhone," available by the same name on every carrier, Samsung's place in the sun was cemented.

Unlike its competitor Apple, Samsung still sells a broad range of smartphones in different shapes, sizes and operating systems. Along with Android, Samsung has kept its toe in the Windows Phone 8 water with recent releases like the Samsung Ativ Odyssey for Verizon Wireless, and it's developing its own smartphone OS,Tizen.

If we look back through the history of Samsung's smartphones, we can see the seeds of Galaxy success as far back as 2008, when the company started stabbing at the idea of branded, full-touch smartphone interfaces in the Instinct and Omnia.

Those phones were held back by their underlying operating systems, though. The Instinct used a custom, cobbled-together Java OS that couldn't provide the responsiveness and extensibility we expect from a modern smartphone. The Omnia tried to graft touch-friendly widgets onto Windows Mobile, an old operating system designed for days when everyone used a stylus with their smartphone.


Best Method to Transfer Data Between Samsung galaxy phones

When you buy a new Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge/S5/S4 mobile phone,the first thing you want to do is transferring all data from old Samsung phone to Galaxy S6/S6 edge/S5/S4.However,how to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy S4/S3/S5/Note to Galaxy S6/S6 edge? This article maily teach you a easy way to copy phone number from old Samsung phone to new Samsung Galaxy S6 directly.

Copy data from old Samsung to new Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge/S5/S4

Many people change their phones frequently and they are need to transfer data from from old Samsung to new Samsung Galaxy phones.If you have bought a new Samsung Galaxy phone,the first thin you need to do is transfer data from Samsung to Galaxy S6/S6 edge/S5/S4. If you have a need to cope your old Galaxy phone data to the new Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge/S5/S4, you come to the right place.

This Phone to Phone Transfer can help you transfer data between two Samsung Galaxy phones directly. It not only allows you transfer phone numbers from old Samsung to new Samsung Galaxy smart phone,but also can help you transfer other data such as music, photos, video, apps, text messages and call logs from one Samsung Galaxy to another new Samsung phone with retaining 100% quality .


Best Method to Transfer Data Between Samsung galaxy phones

Step 1. Launch the program and connect both Galaxy phones to computer

To start with, launch this Mobile Transfer program after installing it. The primary window will pop up, select “Phone to Phone Transfer”, click “Start”. Connect both of your Galaxy phones to computer via 2 USB cables. This program will automatically detect your devices and shows it in the primary window.

Step 2. Transfer Data Between Samsung galaxy phones

As you see, this program allows you to transfer everything from your old Samsung Galaxy phone to the new one. For those who only want to cope data, please remove marks before the corresponding content. Then click “Start Copy” button to begin the transfer. When the transfer over, don’t forget to click “Completed” button.


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