How to Transfer Whatsapp Data from Android to Android

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Android News

Are You Using A Custom ROM On Your Phone?
Surprisingly, we haven't asked this one more than once! Actually, I don't think we've ever asked it exactly like this, and it'll be an interesting one to watch. We did, however, ask you about six months ago whether your device was rooted. A full 63% were in the "yes" camp - let's see how this poll's results compare.


So, this week's question: are you running a custom ROM on your phone? For those of you with OnePlus Ones (or Yus, or N1s), if you are running an unmodified Cyanogen OS build or Oxygen OS - be it a nightly or a stable release - please answer "no." The reasoning here is as follows: a custom ROM's generally accepted definition is firmware that your device did not ship with or upgrade to on an officially sanctioned path. It is the firmware other than that which is implemented and supported by the manufacturer.


The way to Transfer Whatsapp Data from Android to Android

Whatsapp data are one of the most important data for us because we should contact with those who we have ever stored their phone number in our phone. So, it become an urgent need for phone users like Android users to transfer Android data to other phones, including those runs iOS, Symbian or Android OS. Actually, there's an efficient and worth-recommending tool called Android Data Transfer to help you sync your Android Whatsapp data to the other one. If you want to know more about this software, you can keep on reading the next paragraph.

Android Data Transfer, a professional and easy-to-use phone transfer tool, enables you to transfer Whatsapp data from Android to Android easily with just a few clicks. It supports many Android devices including HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and so on.


How to Transfer Whatsapp Data from Android to Android

Step 1. Run the Transfer Tool
Launch Android Data Transfer on your computer after it's installed. When you get the primary window as below, please select the Phone to Phone Transfer mode.

Step 2. Connect the Two Android Phones to the PC
Connect the two Android phones that you want to transfer via USB cable. Then the program will detect them automatically. You will see the interface as below that the data will be transfered from the source phone, which is on the left side of the window, to the destination one, which is on the right side. You can click "Flip" to change their position, if the two devices are not in the right place.

Step 3. Transfer Whatsapp Data from Android to Android
You can't miss the middle column where you can choose data to copy. Please check "Whatsapp Data" and click "Start Copy". When the Whatsapp Data transferring is done, please click OK.



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