How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung S6/S6 Edge

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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge News

Samsung to open new plant S6 edge resolve capacity bottlenecks
Samsung S6 edge popular than expected, this is a good one, but because production can not keep curved screen, the machine has been in short supply. Latest news shows that Samsung immediately decided to open a new production line in order to solve the capacity problem.

According to foreign media reports GSMArena, industry sources said, the new production line has started running and curved screen make the monthly production reached 500 million, while only 2 million per month before. Samsung's move will be beneficial to reach 70 million S6 and S6 edge of the target volume. The new plant was originally scheduled to start in June, but due to surge in market demand, Samsung will strive to two months ahead of time.

Samsung S6 edge curved screen used, expensive, making the machine became the highest cost of a flagship of Samsung. Allegedly, 64GB version of the S6 edge overall material costs and assembly costs reached $ 290.


How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung S6/S6 Edge

Nowadays, it becomes more and more popular that people have two phones, especially for those people who are in business. They carry Samsung mobile phone for work and iPhone for their relatives and close friends. However, how to transfer contacts between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge? It is no doubt that Mobile Transfer can do this for you in a simple way.

Thinking about changing your phone from iPhone 4/4s/5c/5/5s to Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge? Transfer iPhone contact to s6 edge, Then you must be in need of a tool to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung S6/S6 edge. Search the internet, and you will find most of the methods provided are involved with Gmail. That is, you have to sync the phone numbers and then use your account to remove them to Samsung. Yet, it may not seem easy enough if you finish reading this guide. All that you want to prepare are two USB cables, a computer and Mobile Transfer.

Honestly, Mobile Transfer is professional phone data transfer software not only in transferring contacts but also in copying text messages, apps, photos, music and more between multiple phones run Android, Symbian and iOS. 


How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung S6/S6 Edge

Step 1. Install and launch Mobile Transfer on computer

Launch the Mobile Transfer after downloading and installing it on your computer. When you see the home window as below, choose Phone to Phone Transfer to continue.

Step 2. Connect Samsung Galaxy S6 edge/S6 and iPhone to the PC

See the picture below. It tells you to plug the two phones into the USB ports. And when you have done so, the devices will be automatically detected.

Step 3. Transfer contacts between Samsung and iPhone

After you mark the data you want to transfer, like contacts, photos or other data, click the "Start Copy" button to allow the program transfer data from Samsung to iPhone, or from iPhone to Samsung. When it's done, click "OK".



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