Samsung Q1 revenue of 47.12 trillion won a decline of 11%

Samsung Electronics yesterday announced 2015 first quarter earnings. Reported first quarter revenue of 47.12 trillion won, Samsung, net profit of 5.98 trillion won; mobile sector revenue of 25.89 trillion won and net profit of 2.74 trillion won. Despite Samsung's first quarter revenue decreased by 11% compared with the fourth quarter of last year, but still achieved a net profit chain growth. Samsung's chip division and the mobile sector revenue declined slightly, but consumer electronics division revenue fell significantly, reaching 28%.

Samsung's Consumer Electronics Division revenue so bleak, mainly because of the sales season, as well as a strong dollar makes European and emerging market consumer demand. But also by exchange rate effects, the division in the second quarter revenue is not expected to be a big improvement.
Samsung's mobile division, due to its low marketing expenses, which increased revenue department. However, the tablet and feature phone shipments were down, but also caused a slight decline in income. At the same time, by boosting low-end phones, smart phone shipments increased. Expected in the second quarter, demand for smart phones and tablet market will hover at current levels.
The semiconductor sector development is good, not affected seasonal. Allegedly, the increase in DRAM and SSD / UFS product revenue. Thanks to the recent release of the Samsung SSD data center S6 and strong demand is expected in the second quarter earnings will be better semiconductor sector.
Department, said display panel, OLED shipments increased, despite a decrease in shipments of LCD products, but performance is fairly stable. Looking to the second quarter, with the arrival of the Chinese Labor Day, the department will focus on the growth in shipments of OLED and LCD TV panel growth and income; and opening new production lines, it will also increase the cost of the sector.


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