Samsung Galaxy S7 metal unibody concept maps exposure

Samsung galaxy S6 has not officially on sale, but the designers have started early but the next generation of its flagship reverie of Galaxy S7.

Recently, according to foreign media reports, has designed many of the HTC phone concept map Hasan Kaymak designers with rich imagination conceived the basic appearance of the S7's Galaxy.

From this set of conceptual map view, this designer conceived "Samsung S7" abandoned and instead choose glass rear aluminum alloy shell, put on "armor" Samsung S7 transformed into a metal unibody.

In addition, the concept map in the back of the Samsung S7 had failed to appear in black and white stripes. It also adds two front speakers, and is equipped with a large front camera.

In terms of color, this "Samsung S7" using gold color, visual and HTC mobile phones are more similar.

After the news that Samsung is expected to configure S7 folding screen, but the technology is not reflected in this group concept map.

Taking into account the presence of concept maps and real opportunities for the final version of some differences, perhaps the new flagship design concept map just tip of the iceberg.


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