How to Move Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S to Galaxy S6/S6 edge

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Part 2: How to Move Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Galaxy S6/S6 Edge
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Samsung Galaxy S6 News

As beautiful as art Samsung S6 / S6 edge luxury version coming

Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge in some foreign countries have been listed on April 10, the National Bank version will be on sale April 17. If the top with the 128GB version of the Galaxy S6 Galaxy S6 edge or can not meet you, Finland Legend luxury consumer electronics manufacturers may make you satisfied.

Legend handcrafted S6 and S6 edge

Only 2150 euros (about 14,204 yuan), Legend you will be able to hand-build a 24K or 14K gold version S6 or S6 edge (otherwise rose gold version, Platinum Edition, basking Black Gold Edition optional). Plus 200 euros (about 1321 yuan), you can get laser engraved or customized version S6 S6 Edge. Plus 100 euros (about 661 yuan) or a total payment of € 2,300 (about 15,195 yuan), you will also get limited edition gifts.

Legend claims to have a secret process, can guarantee the metal coating does not affect the cell phone antenna signal. At the same time, we know that there is a layer on top of the transparent protective layer and to ensure that the phone can scratch the surface of stunning, shiny timeless.

In addition, Legend handcrafted S6 and S6 edge (the box is also very luxurious) can enjoy five-year warranty.


How to Move Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Galaxy S6/S6 Edge 

Having a new Samsung Galaxy mobile phone? The first thing that you'll probably to do is move all the phone numbers and other contact information from your old Galaxy phone to the new one. I first realize the inconvenience of moving contacts from my old Galaxy S3 to the new Galaxy S6 when I used the Phone Transfer which running on the computer.

Actually, if you want to move Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/note 3/4 contacts to Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge, like Samsung S6, you don't have to insert the old SIM card or edit the phone numbers one by one on your Samsung S6/S6 edge. With the help with Phone to Phone Transfer tool, you can transfer all your contacts including the ones in Gmail, ChatON and other accouts to the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge with I click.

Download Phone to Phone Transfer tool to move contacts from move to Samsung S6.


How to Move Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Galaxy S6/S6 edge

Step 1: Run Phone to Phone Transfer tool

Download, install and run Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer. The primary window pops up like the screenshot shows below.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung galaxy S and Samsung S6 to the computer

Connect both of Samsung galaxy s phone and Samsung S6 to the computer via USB cables. Then this program will detect the two devices soon as possible. After that, you can see them in the primary window. On the left is your Samsung galaxy phone, and on the right is Samsung S6.

Step 3: Move contacts from Samsung galaxy s to Samsung Galaxy S6

This Phone to Phone Transfer program empowers you to cope contacts, music, videos, SMS, apps, call logs and photos from Samsung galaxy to Samsung within 1 click. Therefore, you can choose the data which you want to transfer. If you only want to cope the contacts, please uncheck the other data except contacts and click "Start Copy".

You can check the process in the pop-up transfer window. When the contact transfer process comes to an end, please click "OK" button.


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