How to Copy Photo Gallery from Galaxy S3 to S6

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Samsung Galaxy News

5088 Chinese yuan Samsung S6 / S6 edge officially started selling

Last week, Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 edge has been on sale worldwide, and now the state line version of these two flagship Samsung China also officially started selling online store.
Samsung China online store today to update the relevant page, and published two flagship state line version of the final price. Page display, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge all have light platinum gold, crystal white snow and DiamondMax three color black.

But the price of these two phones are divided into four grades, including the Samsung Galaxy S6 dual sim mobile customized version (Model: G9208) is priced at 5088 yuan, its wholly Netcom dual sim public version (Model: G9200) is priced at 5288 yuan; Samsung S6 edge full Netcom public 32GB version (Model: G9250) is priced at 6088 yuan, 64GB storage version is priced at 6688 yuan.

In addition, Samsung China online store now on-line version of the flagship of the country will soon hold a series of buying gifts award activity that deadline is April 19.
Recently, various aspects of the data revealed that sales of Samsung's new flagship is far more than the expected number. Korea Times South Korean media have reported that the number of these two phones appointment has reached about 20 million, is expected to be on sale after the state line version of their number will be increased.


How to Copy Photo Gallery from Galaxy S3 to S6

Young people today are more often to take pictures with their mobile phone for its convenience. Sometimes, they may have struck in the trouble of copy photos from their Samsung to Samsung galaxy S6. In another case, people who switch to a new Android also meet such kind of problem. What action should you take to deal with this problem? For my part with this issue, you’d better turn to a practical software called Mobile Transfer for help.

The tool you may resort to is Mobile Transfer, a professional transfer tool which allows you to copy photos from Galaxy S3 to S6 easily, safely at one stroke. It has an intuitive user interface, which enables smooth operation. To get more information, please read through the article.


How to Copy Photo Gallery from Galaxy S3 to S6

Step 1. Install the Transfer Tool
Please install Mobile Transfer on your computer. Run it. When you get the window as below, please select the Phone to Phone Transfer mode.

Step 2. Connect both Samsung Phones to PC
Connect both Samsung devices to the computer via their USB cables respectively. They'll be put on the window once successfully detected by the software. Please make sure the places of phones are right, one being Source and the other, Destination. The "Flip" button is used to switch their places.

Step 3. Copy Photos Gallery from Galaxy S3 to S6
Now please select the contents you want to transfer, like "Photos", then click "Start Copy" to copy photos from Samsung to Samsung.



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