How to Transfer Calendar from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy

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Samsung News

The Galaxy S6 is now compatible with Android Auto

Good news for some owners of a device Android Auto, Galaxy S6 and some other smartphones are now compatible with an update of Google Play Services.

Last week, the US site Android Central noted that the popular Android smartphones like the Galaxy S6, the LG G3 and Galaxy S5 operators versions did not work on Android Auto. It only took a few days to Google to fix the thing. The same Android Central has indeed remade tests yesterday on the occasion of a new update of Google Play Services and the Galaxy S6 now seems to connect to Android Auto. All's well That ends well.

Android Auto, remember, is a derivative Android OS installed on-board computer or a car radio of a car. It allows to control your smartphone from the screen of the car safely and interact with it in a limited way (calls, music management, application usage) while driving.The first devices running Android Auto are available for a few weeks in France, with often high prices .


How to Transfer Calendar from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy

How to transfer calendar entries from Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5 Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge, most of them need a lot of time and effort. I was on a lookout for the easiest way to do so and landed up using Mail to exchange feature.

Mobile Transfer is widely used throughout the world to manage contents on Samsung mobile devices. Mobile Transfer enables you to synchronize your Samsung mobile content on your computer with Outlook. It can help you transfer music, video, photos, contacts, calendar, schedule, messages, memos and so on to your Samsung device. It also allows you to back up your precious contacts and schedule.
Note: You can also use the Android Transfer to sync contacts from Samsung phone to computer.

This article is going to tell you how to sync calendars with Mobile Transfer.


How to Transfer Calendar from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy

Step 1. Launch Mobile Transfer and Choose the Mode
After you launch the program, Select "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode when you enter the below interface.

Step 2. Connect Your Source and Destination Phones to PC

Plug both your Samsung galaxy phones in PC via USB cable. It will take several seconds for the automatic detection.

Step 3. Start to Copy Calendar from Samsung galaxy to Samsung galaxy s6

Tick the "Calendar" item in the middle column, and make sure the source and destination phone, then click "Start Copy". The transfer progress will show up as below.

When the copy finished, don't forget to disconnect your devices. Now, you can check all the calendars in your new Galaxy S6/S6 edge.
Besides calendars, if you want to transfer other contents, Mobile Transfer can help you accomplish it in a safe as well as time-saved way. Don't hesitate to try it!



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