Transfer Whatsapp Chat History from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 6 Plus

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Part 2: Easy to Transfer Whatsapp Chat History from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 6 Plus
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More about iPhone 6 Plus


Befitting its moniker, the 6 Plus is on the large side, measuring 6.22 inches high by 3.06 inches wide (158.1mm by 77.8mm). At 6.07 ounces (172 grams) it's just a touch lighter than the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but noticeably thinner -- just 7.1mm in thickness, compared with the Note 4's 8.5mm.

Dimensions aside, the iPhone 6 Plus feels better in the hand than the Note. Like previous iPhones, it's made of matte aluminum, but where harsh lines and chamfered edges give the iPhone 5 a stark, industrial feel, the iPhone 6 Plus nestles more comfortably in your hand rather than cutting into it.

Owners of earlier model iPhones will need to adjust to different button locations; the iPhone 6 Plus's power/lock button is located on the right side - a good thing, given how far one would need to reach if it were placed on the top. The volume buttons, wide and flat rather than round, are located on the left directly beneath the ring/silent toggle switch. The 3.5mm headphone jack sits at the bottom, as it does with the 5S, next to eight holes that allow sound from the (surprisingly powerful) internal speaker to escape.


Easy to Transfer Whatsapp Chat History from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 6 Plus

Many old Samsung galaxy users may have the same problem is that they want to transfer all the files from their old Samsung galaxy to iPhone 6 plus, including the old Samsung contacts, text messages, photos, videos, apps, whatsapp chat history, and more.

Okay, so how to transfer whatsapp chat history from Samsung galaxy to iPhone 6 plus?

Google and Apple both had big release recently, many smartphone users are switching side from one to another. Transfer data between iPhone and Samsung sure became a topic that people care about. For most of us, copy whatsapp chat history is on the top of the to-do list. Business appointments, meetings, anniversaries, spouse' birthday, you name it. We can easily miss all all these important events without the reminder on our old device. In this post, let's see how to switch whatsapp chat history between Samsung galaxy and iPhone 6 plus.

Because of its easy-to-use and highly efficient features, we always recommend Phone Transfer for users that are new at switching any data from iPhone to Samsung or vice versa.


How to Transfer Whatsapp Chat History from Samsung galaxy to iPhone 6 Plus

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer

Install the program is a simple matter of click the icon above to download first, and launch it. As you can see in the following screenshot, the interface is pretty simple, allowing you to quickly get your job done.

Step 2 Connect Both Devices to Computer

Plug in the USB cables of both phones. If you want to change the source phone as destination, click "Flip" button. Below that button, you will see a checkbox for "Whatsapp chat history". Make sure you check it, and move on.

Note: Empty all the data in your destination phone if you like by clicking “Clear data before copy”.

Step 3 Start Copying Data between Two Devices

Click "Start Copy" and your Whatsapp chat history will be transferred to the other phone.


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